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ALL UNITS-Ask a question BLOG
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ALL UNITS-Interesting articles on the language and culture
ALL UNITs-Practice flashcards for every topic
ALL UNITS-Sign up to 'Learn Spanish'
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Unit 1-Battleship- More colors practice
Unit 1-Calendar practice
Unit 1-Countries that speak Spanish
Unit 1-Days of the week practice
Unit 1-Hangman-Holiday dates
Unit 1-Number hangman
Unit 1-Numbers 1-30-flash cards
Unit 1-Numbers practice 0-100- flash cards-matching
Unit 1-Numbers-0-100-Battleship
Unit 1-Pronunciation practice
Unit 1-VIDEO-Alphabet song
Unit 1-VIDEO-days of the week and months song
Unit 1-VIDEO-Rock the countries-Central America
Unit 1-VIDEO-Rock the countries-South America
Unit 1-VIDEO: Capitals and countries -use PP with lyrics
Unit 2-Articles Battleship
Unit 2-Articles-Rags to Riches
UNIT 2-Capitals and countries-battleship
UNIT 2-Capitals and countries-Rags to riches
Unit 2-classroom objects
Unit 2-Classroom objects-hangman
Unit 2-classroom objects-Rags to Riches
Unit 2-Colors and personality
Unit 2-Colors practice
UNIT 2-Countries-location-use html
UNIT 2-Hangman-countries
Unit 2-Las clases del mundo
UNIT 2-Matching-capitals and countries-use html
Unit 2-More practice with articles
UNIT 2-numeros ordinales
UNIT 2-ordinal numbers and days-use html
Unit 2-Practice with articles
Unit 2-Practice with estar and prepostions
Unit 2-Practice with gender agreement
Unit 2-Practice with prepositions
Unit 2-Practice with prepositions-columns
Unit 2-Practice with prepostions-Rags to Riches
Unit 2-Spanish prepositions rhyme
Unit 2-Spanish speaking countries and capitals
Unit 2-Time-columns-matching
Unit 2-Time-flash card practice
Unit 2-Time-quiz
Unit 2-Time-Rags to riches
Unit 2-VIDEO-Capitals song
Unit 3-Activities-likes and dislikes
Unit 3-Activity-que te gusta hacer-Rags to Riches
Unit 3-AR verbs-inifinitives-hangman
Unit 3-infinitve verb practice
Unit 3-La Navidad
Unit 3-La Navidad en espana
Unit 3-More practice with 'gustar'
Unit 3-Practice with 'gustar' Battleship
Unit 3-Practice with agreement-disagreement
Unit 3-Practice with negatives
Unit 3-Practice-activities-infinitive verbs
Unit 3-Practice-conjugating 'gustar'
Unit 3-practive with infinitives-matching
Unit 3-VIDEO-Las Posadas -1
Unit 3-VIDEO-Las Posadas-Disney
Unit 3-VIDEO-Las Posadas-song
Unit 4-La familia
Unit 4-more practice-conjugation
Unit 4-Practice with AR verbs-conjugation
Unit 4-spanish conjugation style song-AR-ER-IR verbs
Unit 4-subject pronoun practice
Unit 4-subject pronoun-vocabulary activities
Unit 4-subject pronouns- Rags to Riches
Unit 4-subject pronouns-practice quiz
Unit 4-verbs-practice with questions/answers
Unit 4-VIDEO-AR verb endings song
Unit 4-VIDEO-Do Re Mi song-pronouns
Unit 5-animated verbs-PEDIR-SERVIR
Unit 5-animated verbs-PENSAR,QUERER,PREFERIR
Unit 5-Battleship-la mesa
Unit 5-Crossword-dinner
Unit 5-La mesa-prueba
Unit 5-Practice placesettings with prepositions
Unit 5-Practice with breakfast and lunch
Unit 5-Practice with dinner vocabulary
Unit 5-Puzzle-breakfast and lunch
Unit 5-stem changing verbs-E to I
Unit 5-stem changing verbs-O to UE
Unit 5-stem changing verbs-O to UE, E to I, E to IE
Unit 5-stem changing verbs-present tense
Unit 5-Word search with clues-breakfast and lunch
Unit 5-Word search with clues-dinner
Unit 6- el tiempo
Unit 6- la ropa-jumbled words
Unit 6- label-el cuerpo
Unit 6- los numeros grandes y pequenos
Unit 6-el cuerpo
Unit 6-los numeros grandes
Unit 6-numeros y colores-hangman
Video Lesson: Tontito Frito-At what time
Video lesson: Tontito Frito-Days of the week
Video Lesson: Tontito Frito-Hay
Video Lesson: Tontito Frito-Los colores
Video lesson: Tontito Frito-Months and dates
Video Lesson: Tontito Frito-Numbers 0-100
Video lesson: Tontito Frito-numbers 0-39
Video Lesson: Tontito Frito-Time-part 1
Video Lesson: Tontito Frito-Time-using menos