Welcome Hurst Hills 6th Graders!


  Mrs. Turney, Mrs.Toepfer, & Mrs. Lundgren

Mrs. Turney...teaches science/social studies and this is her 15th year of teaching.  She has been teaching at Hurst Hills for tenyears.  She lives in Hurst with her husband of 20 years, Glenn.  They have one, 16 year old daughter, Morgan that attends LD Bell High School and Levi, their happy-go-lucky golden retreiver that sleeps on the all day. 

Mrs. Toepfer...teaches reading/language arts and this is her 20th year of teaching. She has been teaching 6th grade reading and English at Hurst Hills for 11 years. She has been married to her husband, Everett, for 35 years. They have 33 year old twins, Virginia & Tony, and are the proud grandparents of their 5 year old grandson, Ajay and new baby grandson, James. Mr. & Mrs. Toepfer live in Hurst with their adored tabby cat, Percy.

Mrs. Lundgren...teaches math and this will be her 5th full year of teaching. She has been married for 6 years and lives in Lantana with her husband, Cory.  They spend all of their free time fining up their new house and playing with their beloved dogs, Luna (beagle/hound mix) & Astro (pit bull/jack russel mix).