Bear Tracker's Animal Tracks
A great site for tracking information. Lots of pictures and examples.
Survival Defense Strategies
This is a site run by my good friend and fellow tracker Dwight Wilson. Dwight works in the security field and has taught many seminars on tracking, survival, and self defense.
The Human Nature Institue
This site is run by one of my past instructors. He was instramental in guiding me in the ways of the warrior.
His site deals with self defense, defense of others, and the philosophy of the warrior.
The Tracker School
The Tracker School is where I started my journey of tracking and wilderness survival.
Here you will find information on the school and classes.
Wildwood Survival
One of the best sites out there for survival information.
Photos, videos, and information abound!
Wildwood Tracking
A great websited for tracking information.
Photos, quizes, and information.