iStation (for PK-6, although attached letter from the State mentions Grades 3-6)

The iStation must be loaded on the computer a student is using in order to access the customized student content. The attached instructions show the process for downloading the Istation program to your computer.

Before beginning the next step, please be sure you have the following information on hand. These three items will likely have been sent home on a parent letter from your child’s school.

A) School/Domain Name

B) User Name

C) Password


After downloading the Istation program to your computer, enter your child's school then enter your child’s user name and password . Click the OK button.

See the attachment of suggested iStation Summer Weekly Plan Best Practices for Using iStation. Student should work in a quiet area. Headphone may be helpful to avoid distractions. The best results are obtained when a student works for at least 20-30 minutes during each sitting. As tempting as it is to jump in and provide answers or a bit more assistance than necessary to your child as he/she works through the activities in Istation, please remember that Istation is continually customizing the content it provides based on your child’s responses. Outside assistance makes it more difficult for the program to accurately measure student progress. Please see the suggested Istation Summer Weekly Plan included recommended program activities to follow during the summer. Following this plan will help keep your child on track and assist with learning lapses in reading that might normally occur over the summer.

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