About Kathryn Lorusso:

Welcome!  I'm a counselor and mediator at Trinity High School and unlike the other four counselors here, am located in the main office (A building) instead of the CC building. 

I spend some of my time mediating student problems and working with blended families who need a kind shoulder to listen and offer suggestions.  Let's face it, an interested "third party" can often throw suggestions into the mix that family members might not have thought of or tried.  As a former journalist, I'm also the designated "counseling scribe" who writes  the counseling news for the PTA newsletter.  I will be assisting with Advanced Placement testing (AP exams) in the spring and am considered the "military liaison" for our school. I attend the GAP girls' pet fairs twice yearly and am very involved with greyhound rescue, as well. 

I continually monitor the "Question Board" on the Trinity Counseling main web page so please fire away with any questions or concerns you may have and we'll answer you promptly! This message board is for students AND parents. I am also the designated "plant based" vegetarian on campus so if you are interested in eating healthier, I'm your contact. Have a great year and please don't hesitate to call or email me with any concerns. 


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