Next Club Meeting:

The 5th meeting of the Law and Public Safety CLub will be on Thursday, 9/28/17 at 4:20 in Room B114.


We will continue building search, room entry and start team movement. We have a SWAT Scrimmage in about 2 months. Do you have what it takes to make a team?


Burnett may show you a new twist on interview stance and felony handcuffing

We will also practice in court for the up coming Dallas Bar Competition.


Upcoming Dates and Events


  • Saturday, 9/23/17 Carshow, 12pm - 5pm
  • Saturday 10/7/17, Bedford Pet Fair, 7am-3pm, 1809 Reliance Parkway, Bedford
  • Saturday, 12/2/17, SWAT Scirmmage at Burleson Centenial High School, 8am-1pm
  • Texas High School Mock Trial Competition



Club Roles 201718

1.Eileen Lavin, Chief– Runs the show, calendar keeper

2.Aliya Boisselle, Deputy Chief– Attendance, Point System, Records, Waivers

3.Thomas Ramirez, Captain – Fitness Coordinator, Gear

4.Jaden Ware, Captain – Recruiting, SWAT, Gear, Ropes, Competition Coordinator

5.Lt. Jeremy Santos – Recruiting

6.Lt. Jacob Richesin – Logistics

Michael Gonzalez LIT – Leader in Training

Juwan Cruz LIT – Club kid of the week

Adrian Casillas – LIT junior

Emily Heald – LIT junior

Courts – Tabitha Koko and Reece Harper

Sponsors – Burnett, Puckett, Gustafson