Who is best suited to a career in Cosmetology?

It is very important to have excellent communication skills, a
level of maturity, patience with working among others as a peer,
an appreciation for other cultures, values and even ages, enjoy
working closely with individuals and providing personal
services. The profession requires one to be physically active,
to stand for long periods of time and work with tools, machines,
small grooming appliances or devices and personal care products
including chemicals. It is important to have an appreciation for
style, design, creativity, grooming and esthetics. It is an
exacting profession, and one that requires continually updated
skills. An ability for sales is also a great attribute. Often
cosmetologists work on weekends and holidays, and work long hours
in preparation for holidays or special events. Most
cosmetologists derive great satisfaction from their work and
enjoy working with their clients and, in some cases, running

their own business. Many times those with a background in
cosmetology become sales representatives for companies selling
products to salons, department stores and
specialty shops. Others, with advanced training, become
cosmetology instructors to teach in a public or private school
or trainers in industry.

1)  What is a Cosmetology?
2)  What information determines if you could be a part of the Cosmetology team?
1)  Q What is a Cosmetology?
Cosmetology is the study of beauty culture that includes hair, skin, & nails.
2)  Q What information determines if you could be a part of the Cosmetology team?
Cosmetology is a 2 year program Junior / Senior classes. An interview process which includes your attendance, credits, & discipline records. Each student is asked the same series of questions during the interviewing process. Students must attend any meeting concerning the program.