Q. What positions are available?

A. Please click here for employment opportunities and job descriptions/postings.

Q:  How long will my online application be kept active?

A:  Complete online applications remain active for 12 months from the date of submission.  It is the applicant's responsibility to update their application with any changes.    

Q:  When will I be interviewed?

A:  Campus Administrators review online applications.  Applicants chosen to be interviewed will be contacted by the administrator.

  Q:  May I contact the campus principals directly to inquire about vacancies?   

A:  You SHOULD NOT contact campus administrators to schedule interviews. Principals at the sites where you have applied have access to your online application. After reviewing your application, a principal may contact you to schedule a campus interview. In order for your online application to be most effective and receive full consideration in our staff planning process, it is important that you provide all the information and specific documentation requested in the instructions.

Q. What is your current pay scale for teachers?

A. Please click here for teacher pay scale.


Q:  What are the Highly Qualified requirements for Paraprofessionals?

  A:  A Paraprofessional must have a minimum of 48 College hours.


Q. What benefits does HEB ISD offer?

A. Please click here to view benefits .


Q: What is Local Sick Leave?

A: Employees shall earn five workdays of local sick leave per school year.  It shall be used only for illness of the employee, illness of a member of the employee's immediate family, family emergency, or death in the employee's immediate family, in accordance with DEC (LEGAL).


Q:  What is Discretionary Leave/ or Personal State Leave?

A:  Each employee shall earn state personal leave, up to the statutory maximum of five workdays annually.  It is to be taken at the individual employee's discretion.


Q:  How do I request Discretionary Leave?

A:  A notice of request for discretionary personal leave shall be submitted to the immediate supervisor three workdays in advance of the anticipated absence, except under extenuating circumstances which may require documentation.