1. How do I report an absence?

Parents/guardians may call 817-354-3505 or 817-399-3789 to call their child's absence in either before school or at least by 10 am. However, you can use the "Contact" link in the menu to the left on the North Euless website to send a short email notifying us of the absence. You can also email your student's teacher.

2. Can I walk my student to class?

The first week of school parents may walk their student to class. After the first week, however, students will be required to walk to class on their own. The hallways are monitored by adults as well as 6th grade monitors to ensure everyone finds their way to class.


3. Can I visit my child's classroom?

Parents are welcome at North Euless but we try to maintain a consistent learning environment by not interrupting classroom instruction if at all possible, therefore parents are asked to email teachers beforehand to arrange parent/teacher conferences.

You may write in the student's MOOSE or send the teacher an email to set up a meeting time. Once the teacher has given you a conference time, you will need to bring your driver's license and sign in the office.


4. May I bring lunch to my child?

Yes, you may. Here at North Euless we ask that parents that are bringing lunch (or a forgotten lunch) sign in at the office with your driver's license and get a badge. Once that is complete, parents are asked to take the lunch to the cafeteria and leave it on the designated table by the stage.

It is important that you let your student know in advance that any time they are expecting their lunch, to look for it in the cafeteria on the table by the stage. That way they learn to look for it and not to worry if their lunch will be dropped off.

*Please remember to bring your driver's license as you cannot sign in without it, and we cannot be responsible to deliver lunches throughout the day.


5. Can I have lunch with my student?

We encourage and support parents that want to have lunch with their student. There are some guidelines and they are as follows:

  • Sign in with your driver's license and get a badge.
  • Bring food only for you and your child.
  • You and your student will sit at the visitor's table.

Don't forget to sign out with your badge before you go!


6. Can I bring treats for the class? Especially on my child's birthday?

Unless it is a designated class party, treats for birthdays are the only time treats are allowed. Even then there are specific guidelines to follow:

  1. Treats (cupcakes, treat bags, etc.) are to be dropped off in the office with student's name and teacher name on the box/bag. Teachers will get the items to hand out at dismissal.
  2. Teachers prefer only individually wrapped cupcakes or cookies in the place of "birthday cake" as it is much less messy to hand out. Goodie bags need to have individually wrapped candies and such inside and be tied.
  3. Balloons, drinks, plates, etc. will not be allowed to the classroom as it will interrupt instruction time and treats are only handed out as children are being dismissed for the day.

7. How can I attend class parties or volunteer at North Euless?

We love for our parents to attend class parties and events, and we definitely appreciate all the volunteers we can get! So please go online to www.hebisd.edu website, scroll to the bottom where the "apple" icon is located, click that and follow the directions to complete the required criminal background check. Once that is done, you will receive an email verifying that is complete. If you like you can then go to the district office and have a free volunteer badge made with your picture ID.

To volunteer, please speak to a PTA representative, your child's teacher, or our counselor to be assigned an opportunity for you to help us.

8. What do I do if I need to get my student out for an early dismissal?

If you find that an emergency has arisen or there is a doctor's appointment that makes it necessary for you to come and pick up your student early, please make sure to bring your driver's license in to the school for identification purposes. We will not release your student until we have verified your identity.

We will not call for a student until after we have verified your identity, so please arrive with plenty of time to go through the process.


9. What if I need to change the way I need my student dismissed at the end of the day?

Please make sure any changes of plans in dismissal are relayed to your teacher via MOOSE or email the teacher. Last minute calls (after 2:30) are not guaranteed to reach your student, unless it is a hospital emergency. Our teachers work hard to make sure their students are in instruction until the bells rings until the end of the day, so we try not to interrupt class time.

10. Is there an after-school program at North Euless?

Yes, there is. It is the Extended Day program, which we call the Cowboy Academy. They are here to supervise and assist your student with their homework, play and interact with fun activities from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p. m. Monday through Friday. Please contact Michele Fant, the director, to find out more information. Her contact number is 817.773.5025