Week 6



TEKs 130.296(b), (c) Ffederal and state overview, judicial officer roles, trial processes, examine types and rules of evidnce, constitutional law empasis on criminal procedural law, especialy for arrest, search and seizure. Trace history strucutre and function of state and federal court systems, explain jurisdicition's impact on criminal charges and trials, explain the purpose of law, distinguis among constitutional - case - statutory - and adminstrative law


23 - Monday – Surf the Site, Sign for Grades, Make It Right Monday, Take Progress Reports Up for a 50, Resume St. Clair Case

24 - Tuesday – Job – Career - Calling, Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor Pre Test Debrief, St. Clair Case

25 - Wednesday - Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor Open Note Review Game, Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor Spelling and Vocabulary Test Debrief,  St. Clair v St. Clair, Objections

26 - Thursday – TPSA, Texas Mock Trial Association, St. Clair Case Debrief and “One Man Jam”, Objections Video, St. Clair Roles for Round 3, Cross Examination Video

27 - Friday - DLO's taken up, Personnel Files, St. Clair Case, Closing Argument Video

Due This Week

1.   DLO’s


· Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor Unit Exam

· Dirty Dozen Quiz

· System of Justice Unit

Overdue -

1.   Employability Skills

2.   Music Survey

3.   Intro Packet

4.   Whole Brain Survey

5.   DLO's Week of 08/28/17

6.   Personnel File Check

7.   Progress Report Paperwork Exercise

8.   Open Note Pre Test, Court Testimony and Demeanor

9.   Court Testimony and Demeanor Spelling Test

10. Court Testimony and Demeanor

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