Week 6



TEKs 130.292 (b), (c), (1)(A), (B(2)), (C), Introductiion, introduce students to LPS careers, Skills overview, entity roles, post secondary education prep, apply ELA, apply math, apply science, use communication skillsmodel effective grammar, demonstrate verbal communication skills, use speaking skills specific to the audience, interpret voice quality, model effective interperonal skills


23 - Monday – Surf the Site, New DLO’s. Make It Right Monday, Take up Progress Reports for a 50, Pass back Graded Work, Personnel Files, Use of Force Spelling and Vocabulary Discussion, Begin Phonetic Alphabet and Radio Procedure

24 - Tuesday – Skill – Job – Career – Calling, Felony Handcuffing, Phonetic Alphabet, Radio Procedure Intro

25 - Wednesday – "Use of Force" Open Note Review Game” and Pre Test Debrief

26 - Thursday - Skills – TPSA, SWAT Scrimmage, Felony Handcuffing

27 - Friday - DLO's taken up, Personnel Files, Use of Force Discussion, Use of Force Closed Note Review Game Monday

Due This Week

1.   DLO


  • Vocab Crosswords / Puzzels
  • "Use of Force" Unit / 6 Week Exam
  • Issue Call Signs
  • Radio Procedure
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Traffic Stop
  • Building Search

Overdue -

1.   Progress Report Paperwork Exercise

2.   Open Note Pre Test, Use of Force

3.   Use of Force Spelling Test

4.   Use of Force Vocabulary Test

5.   Employability Skills

6.   Music Survey

7.   Intro Packet

8.   Whole Brain Survey

9.   DLO's Week of 08/28/17

10.Personnel File Check

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