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**NEW** - School Suplies List - **NEW**

For those wanting to get a jump start on back to school supplies, here is a list of all materials recommended for Pre-AP World Geography.

1 - 1 inch binder

1 - 3 inch (or larger) binder (will be kept at home)

Pens - Blue or Black ink only, will turn in all papers written in ink.

1 - Pack of pencils - Only will be used for scranton portion of tests.

1 - Pack of 150 sheets college rule note paper.

Pre-AP World Georgaphy Geography At the Moment

  • Reminder that the Summer Assignment will be due Sept. 1st.  Any questions about the assignment should be emailed to ChristopherHerrmann@HEBISD.edu. Do not wait until the first day of school.  Heed the warnings to save on headaches.
  • If needed, extra instructions are located in the classroom files found at the bottom of this webpage

Week 1 - Aug. 23rd - Aug. 25th

  • Monday - No School - Prep for 9th Grade - Yes, I am serious.
  • Tuesday - No School - Prep for 9th Grade - Yes, I am still serious.
  • Wednesday - 1st Day of Class - Review Summer Assignment (Due Sept. 1st) and Course Expectations. - HW TBA
  • Thursday - TBA
  • Friday - TBA
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