Due Monday, 9/19 -- Pre-AP classes 6th & 7th periods' homework as follows:

Write a 2-3 paragraph essay on the struggles of a modern day teen and ways to overcome the challenges. This essay is a connection to the struggles that the students read about in The Outsiders. It should not be a compare or contrast paper, but references to The Outsiders or quotes may be used if needed. If quotes are used, the source should be given credit within the paper. (ie. MLA style) References are optional.

This will be graded as a QuickWrite. Students are expected to elaborate and give examples. In this paper the "thinking" and ideas are the most important. No two sentences are to begin alike unless it is for effect with interesting vocabulary to replace vague, overused/common words. Papers should be proofread for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. The instructions are on the handout entitled "Expository Writing." This is not their big essay for the first six-weeks.

We will be working on writing techniques and sentence patterns by using the Brushstrokes and "Henry Made Some Chocolate Shakes" writing techniques. Then the following week, we will incorporate these creative sentence pattern approaches into their expository essays as we take their papers from the brainstorming stage to the final copy. I am very excited to see what my awesome students will write!

There will be no six-weeks test. Their major test for the six-weeks was over The Outsiders. Students will be finishing up on that Monday.

Thursday 9/15 & Friday, 9/16 -- Pre-AP 6th & 7th periods: Major Test on The Outsiders on Thursday & Friday, 9/15 -- 9/16/16. Study notes. Part I. (32 multiple choice, 10 character matching, 8 True or False) Students are allowed to use their books. Part 2 is an essay based on the novel.

Terms embedded in questions are as follows:

theme, personification, metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration, allusion, exposition, and climax.

Monday, 9/19 -- Periods 1st -- 5th:  Continue the Test from Friday. Read the passage; then answer the questions on literature concepts and academic terms by referring to the appropriate paragraphs. Study reviews given on Tuesday and Friday of last week. Test will be Friday, 9/16/16 and continued on Monday, 9/19. Use reading test-taking strategies. Mark up the text and begin bringing hi-liters to be interactive with the text. (Parents and/or guardians, please email me at wgreene@hebisd.edu for any questions or concerns. Conference: 11:15 - 12:00

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your child.


Wendy Greene

Pre-AP & On-level ELA/7th Grade

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