Below you can find some of the standard documents for reference throughout the year.

3/1/2017 7th On-level Assignment: Visual vocabulary word list: Internal stimulus, External stimulus, response, homeostasis, positive response, negative response, ignored response, Geotropism, phototropism, instinct, and learned behavior (11 total).  On each, there should be a definition (in their own words), a colored picture to represent the term with an explanation of the picture.  For instinct and learned behavior, there are also 7 examples cut & pasted in the appropriate section.


Here are a few links to help you with this unit. The videos have all been played/ gone over in class. The project files are also posted here.

Biological levels of organization vid clip:

Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes vid clip:

Cell Theory song:

Cell Theory vid clip:

Cell organelle Song:

Cell parts Rap:

Cells alive:
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