Spelling Words for the Week

Suffixes- helpful, kindly, sadly, useful, wishful, weakly, slowly, mouthful, thankful, painful, quickly, wonderful

High Frequency Words- coming, idea, large

Vocabulary Words for the Week

weaved, delicious, strand, duplicated

Scroll down for extra Spelling Practice- Earn tickets for completing one each night! :)

 Directions: Choose a different activity each night, Monday through Thursday, for your spelling and vocabulary homework. Make sure your words are spelled correctly and take the time to sound out each one. You must turn in some kind of proof of homework each morning (practice sheets, parent signed notes, etc). Please date your work.  Your spelling and vocabulary tests will be on Friday.

Spelling Homework Choices

1.  ABC Order


Write all of your spelling words in alphabetical (ABC) order.

2.  Word Parts


Write your words. Then use a colored pencil to divide the words into syllables.

3. Write each word 5 times each.  Say the word as you spell it.

4. Silly Sentences


Write 3 or more sentences that use all your spelling words.

5. Picture words


Draw a picture and hide your spelling words in the picture.

6. Shape Words


s p

s p e

s p e l

s p e l l

s p e l l i

s p e l l i n

s p e l l i n g

(or make them boat shaped, wagon shaped, smiley face, etc.)  

7.”Ransom” Words


“Write” your words by cutting letters out of a newspaper or magazine and gluing the letters on a piece of paper to spell your words.

8. Rainbow Words


Write your spelling words with colored pencils. Make each letter a different color.

9. Scrambled Words


Write your words. Then write them again with the letters mixed up. (Try giving it to a classmate to see if he or she can figure them out)

10. Vowel Spotlight


Write your words using one color for the vowels and another color for the consonants.

(vowels: a, e, i, o, u)

11. Scrabble


Write spelling words crisscross using a common letter.

Example:  same



12. Word Search


Create your own word search with your spelling. Show the answers to your puzzle.  This counts for two day’s work.



Vocabulary Choices:  Practice and learn each word and its definition. 

 13. Flash Cards


Make and practice with flash cards. Put the word on one side and definition on the other. 

14.  Picture & a Story


Draw a picture defining each word.  Write a sentence about your picture using the word. 

15.  Practice with a Friend


Get together with someone and practice (You need a note from an adult to prove your work)

16.  Explain


Read each word and explain to your parents what each word means. (You need a note from adult)

Spelling and Vocabulary Homework Choices

17. Write a Story, Poem or Song with Words


Write a story using all your spelling (and/or vocabulary) words. Underline the words you used.


18. Crossword Puzzle


Make a crossword puzzle with your spelling (and/or vocabulary words). Show the answers to your puzzle.


 19. Use Technology


Type out your spelling and/or vocabulary words (and definitions) on the computer.

20. Question/Answers


Write questions with half of your spelling (and/or vocabulary words) words. Then use the other half to answer the questions. Underline the words you used.


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