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When:  Thursday, March 30th- Friday, March 31st 7:00am.


Normal training time: The athlete needs to be at Bedford and out on the field dressed and ready to go, as we will begin promptly at 7:00am.


What does the athlete wear to tryouts? All athletes will wear their usual athletic uniforms along with required soccer shin-guards, soccer socks and soccer cleats (optional, but preferred). Also each athlete will need to bring and keep a pair of tennis shoes in their locker for bad weather days, in which we will practice in the gyms. 


When do tryouts start?

  Tryouts will start at 7am on Monday March 30th. The locker room will open at 6:30am. Athletes will need to arrive at school prior to 7am on Monday and the following weeks to make sure they are properly equipped and ready for practice at 7am the rest of the season.


What does the athlete need to purchase?

  All soccer players will be provided a game jersey and game shorts.  Each athlete will need to purchase soccer shin-guards, a pair of white soccer socks for game use, and any extra soccer socks they will use for practice every day.


What should I bring to tryouts?

  Shin-guards, cleats or tennis shoes, soccer socks, and water


How many teams are there in 7th grade?

   BJH will have 4 7th grade teams. A, B, C, and D. Soccer is a no-cut sport at BJH and everyone is encouraged to participate.


Where do they play?

  7th grade teams play at the HEB complex located at Central Jr. High; there are four fields available to use.


How long is the season and do they have a tournament?

  The 7th grade season is a 4 game season with a Tournament on April 21st and 22nd , located at the HEB complex. (Times TBA)


What day are the games?

  7th grade games are on Monday's.


What times are the games?

  A (1) and B (2) team will begin at 4:30

  C (3) and D (4) Team will being at 5:45

  -Check schedules for exact times and time changes.


A/B Team: Coach Winborne

C/D Team: Coach Strobel

Please feel free to send any other questions to the following extension or email:

EXT: 5575

Coach Winborne


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