Language Arts Student Profile

Fourth Grade

In Grade 4, students spend significant blocks of time engaged in reading and writing independently
Fourth Grade Students

  listen critically and analyze a speaker’s intent such as to entertain or to persuade.

  adapt their language when speaking to the audience, purpose, and occasion.

  adjust their reading approach to various forms of texts.

  expand their vocabulary systematically across the curriculum.

  paraphrase text.

  connect, compare, and contrast ideas.

  identify and follow text structures such as chronologies and cause and effect.

  produce summaries of text.

  engage in more sophisticated analysis of characters, plots, and settings.

  select and use different forms of writing to inform, persuade, or entertain.

  write with style and voice.

  write in complete sentences.

  vary sentence structure.

  edit their writing based on the conventions of written language.

  understand and use visual media.

  compare and contrast visual media to print.

  read for meaning with a growing interest in a wide variety of topics.

  continue to read classic and contemporary selections.

  produce a final, polished copy of a written composition.


4th Grade Social Studies

1st six weeks:

· Unit 1: Introductory Social Sciences and World Mountains (Core Knowledge Unit)

· Unit 2: Introduction of Regions of the USA and Texas

· Unit 3: Native American Groups in Texas and the Western Hemisphere

2nd six weeks:

· Unit 4: European Exploration of North America (Includes Core Knowledge Unit on European Exploration)

· Unit 5: Colonization of Texas

· Unit 6: Texas Road to Revolution

· Unit 7: The Final Battles for Texas Independence

3rd six weeks:

· Unit 8: The Republic of Texas and the Journey to Statehood

· Unit 9: Civil War and Reconstruction

4th six weeks:

· Unit 10: Cattle Trails to Frontier Wars

· Unit 11: Texas and the 20th Century

· Unit 12: Civil and Equal Rights

5th six weeks:

· Unit 13: Free Enterprise in Texas

· Unit 14: Our Local/State and National Government

· Unit 15: Our Special State

6th six weeks: (The preview of 5th grade Core Knowledge Unit)

· Unit 16: Texas and the Western Hemisphere

· Unit 17: Introduction to US History


Why is Social Studies Important?

1. To help us develop judgment in worldly affairs by understanding the past behavior of people and societies

2. To help us understand change and how the community, state, nation and world we live in came to be.

3. To help us develop essential skills for good citizenship.

4. To inspire us.

5. To help us develop essential thinking skills.

The Primary Purpose of Social Studies:

Is to help young people develop the ability to make an informed and reasoned decision for the public good, as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. In Texas we stress the teaching of our TEKS through the following strands of social studies.

· History

· Geography

· Economics

· Government

· Citizenship

· Culture

· Innovation

· Skills


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