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Bluebonnet Books

Five before Thanksgiving Break! 4th grade PEAK continues to rock the Bluebonnet world! Great progress on covering these interesting books and interesting discussions on your RRJ letters. You make your teacher's heart sing! (Quick - which type of figurative language did I just employ?)  Keep up the great work.

Remember: the more of this year's twenty nominees that you read, the more informed you will be at voting time in January. Happy Bluebonnet collecting!

Reading Counts:

2nd 6 Weeks: 10 points due by Weds. 10/18; total of 20 by 11/8

3rd 6 Weeks: 10 points due by 12/6; total of 20 by 1/17

Weekly Vocabulary Pattern

Sign up for G4 PEAK Quizlet at https://quizlet.com/join/qJeFmKTM5

Vocabulary Test: typically on Thursday

Lexicon (the front page of self-generated sheet) & Study Guide (the back side of the self-generated study page): due Friday AM

Activity Sheets (the 2 preprinted worksheets in the packet): due Monday AM

Long Writing Assignment: due Tuesday AM  - ICPoW paragraph (occcasionally compound/complex sentences using each of the 10 core words)

Short Writing Assignments: due Wednesday AM - usually Word Webs, but occasionally assorted WordWork worksheets; 2 Neologies; or 3 Acrostic phrase poems - depending on the week

Class Novels

Familes are encouraged, though not required, to purchase a copy of the novel in which to annotate. Notations directly in the book keep the inner dialogue between the reader and the author in a format which cannot be lost or fall out of the book or a journal. Check at Barnes & Noble, Half-Price Books, e-Bay, or Amazon for personal copies in which to annotate.

Novels provided by the HEB ISD PEAK program must be replaced if damaged in ANY manner. Our novels are shared between four campuses, and replacement will be strictly enforced. Please keep student novels in the gallon ziplock bag located inside your son or daughter's binder in order to minimize the chance of damage.

Current Novel:

Zane and the Hurricane by Rodman Philbrick

Upcoming Novel:

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Among the Hidden by Annie Haddix

Life on Mars by Jennifer Brown


In 4th grade we are learing to use the R.A.C.E. rubric to fully answer our novel reading log questions. RACE stands for Restate, Answer, Cite & Expand. factor heavily into the grading of the all reading logs. Special effort should be made to tie in 2 or 3 relevent quotes and explanations to the question on reading log as well as our current universal theme (Perspectives) and/or Sandra Kaplan's Elements of Depth and Complexity (language of the discipline, details, patterns, unanswered questions, ethics, rules, trends, multiple perspectives, across disciplines, and changes over time).  

Check out the Depth and Complexity overview page to support these interconnected thinking strategies at home.

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Each learner developeda  draw start to create a unique design. He or she then devopled a story to describe teh image or narrate teh events surrounding the image.

Vocabualry practice games and tests can be found at https://www.spellingcity.com  Head to "find list " by searching under Rosemarie Lawson (caps don't matter, but the space between the words does matter). 

The site offers some free games and activities to practice at home.  You may purchase a membership to access additional vocabulary games.

Lists and practice also available on Quizlet.com Search for G4 PEAK_Lawson (this search is character and space sensitive) Click on the "1 class" tab to find our lists more easily - I am NOT the only Mrs. Lawson on the site. Searcing by school is helpful. ALL lists for the year (1.A - 6.C) are already posted at this site. Lists for novels and review can be created as needed.


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