I will put all electronically available documents on this page for the student's convenience. The documents are sorted into categories by the unit of study. Both Pre-AP and World Geography classes can find their documents here.

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ppt File 5 Themes of Geography.ppt
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10.30 MB 08/25/16
docx File AP vs IB Webquest.docx
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14.22 Kb 08/25/15
pptx File AP vs IB.pptx
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77.83 Kb 08/24/16
pptx File Concepts in Geo
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2.96 MB 09/05/12
pptx File Cultural Images.pptx
We tried to guess what region of the world each image was taken from to gauge our "culture" knowledge. This was not for a grade.
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40.16 MB 09/14/12
docx File Diffusion of Language Student Handout.docx
Use your blue book at home. Pg. 74
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22.80 Kb 09/11/12
docx File GA pg 4-5.docx
Print out of the actual text from GA textbook
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220.69 Kb 08/25/15
pdf File How Come The Nile River Flows Up.pdf
Complete article (parts 1,2, and 3).
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1.44 MB 08/29/12
doc File Intro to Geo Notes Page.doc
Notes from GA!
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36.50 Kb 08/30/12
pdf File Language Diffusion Visual.pdf
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1.87 MB 08/28/16
docx File PAP 5 Themes LGs.docx
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70.94 Kb 08/22/16
doc File Spread of World Religions.doc
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109.50 Kb 09/05/14
pdf File Sustainable Development.pdf
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1.15 MB 09/16/13
pptx File Sustainable Development.pptx
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1.69 MB 09/17/12
docx File Unit 1 Knowledge Card List.docx
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13.58 Kb 08/22/16
docx File What is Geography Video Clip Links.docx
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12.66 Kb 08/27/13
pdf File World Religions.pdf
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344.42 Kb 09/13/12