1st Six Weeks

K - Identify Major Body Parts

1st - Cross Crawl Behind

2nd - Cross Crawl Hop

3rd - Fitnessgram Pre - Tests

4th - Fitnessgram Pre - Tests

5th - Fitnessgram Pre - Tests

6th - Fitnessgram Pre - Tests



2nd Six Weeks

K - Walk Forward on Balance Beam

1st - Walk Backward on Balance Beam

2nd - Dribble/Trap Soccer Ball

3rd - Kick a Soccer Ball into a 10x10 Square from 20 Feet Away

4th - Dribble a Soccer Ball In And Out of Cones

5th - Passing a Soccer Ball Back and Forth With a Partner While Moving

6th - Punting a Ball


3rd Six Weeks

K - Galloping

1st - Hopping on One Foot Moving Forward

2nd - Jump Rope Forward or Backward

3rd - Entering Into a Long Jump Rope

4th - Jump Rope Swings

5th - Jump Rope Skiers

6th - Jump Rope Scissors

4th Six Weeks

K - Hopping on One Foot in Place

1st - Dribbling a Basketball With Each Hand

2nd - Crossover Dribble

3rd - Dribbling a Basketball While Running

4th - Dribbling a Basketball While Running/Stopping Zig-Zag

5th - Shooting a Basketball With Proper Form

6th - Shooting, Passing, and Catching a Basketball With Proper Form


5th Six Weeks

K - Cross-Crawl

1st - Skipping

2nd - Leaping

3rd - Fitnessgram Post - Tests

4th - Fitnessgram Post - Tests

5th - Fitnessgram Post - Tests

6th - Fitnessgram Post - Tests


6th Six Weeks

K - Underhand Toss

1st - Self Toss and Catch

2nd - Overhand Throw

3rd - Overhand Throw

4th - Catch a Fly Ball on The Move

5th - Striking a Ball with Bat

6th - Proper Use of Heart Rate Monitors

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