I will put all documents that students might need or parents might like to view here on this page.  That way all students can keep up with work at home and at school.


These are great for reviewing for the Six weeks' test, and also for the Trimester Exam to take place on November 12th and 13th, depending on class period.

First, answer all the questions you can without notes. Then use your notes to go back over them to check your answers. Third, use the book and notes to answer the questions you didn't know the first time.

After doing this, you should do great on the tests! All the questions come straight from these learning goals!
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docx File Unit 1 Learning Goals
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docx File Unit 2 Learning Goals
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docx File Unit_3_Learning_Goals.docx
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docx File Unit_4_Learning_Goals.docx
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docx File Unit_5_Learning_Goals.docx
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