I will put all documents that students might need or parents might like to view here on this page.  That way all students can keep up with work at home and at school.

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docx File biography_readings.docx
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1.63 MB 08/27/15
docx File EOC_Practice_founding_docs.docx
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21.99 Kb 08/27/15
pptx File founding_documents_3.pptx
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722.49 Kb 08/27/15
docx File quiz_quiz_trade_trade_people.docx
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30.14 Kb 08/27/15
docx File review_for_test.docx
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19.38 Kb 08/27/15
docx File The_Founding_Documents_Notes.docx
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139.17 Kb 08/27/15
docx File The_Most_Important_Thing.docx
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28.91 Kb 08/27/15