2nd period PE:

Coach Lowry's 2nd per "glitter team" class will excercise to lose weight, therefore get fit. 
The glitter team will jog/walk a mile for the fitness gram test under 13 minutes.  In doing so our class will sparkle!


3rd period PE:

Coach Lowry's "super duper cooper doopers" class will pass all fitness gram test including jogging/walking the mile under 15 minutes.  We will lose weight and in doing so, hopefully not collaspe!!!!


5th period PE:

Coach Lowry's "swagalisous swans" class will stay fit by losing weight and tring hard at all activiites,  We will pass all fitness gram tests including the mile.  Our goal is to run/jog/walk and mile under 15 minutes.  Most importantly we will have fun!

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