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Kindergarten :Students will begin to to recognize a variety of art elements while exploring line, color, shape, family, sculpture, continents and animals.

1st Grade :Students will begin to analyze and interpret works of art while exploring line, art from long ago, art from ancient Egypt, murals, self portraits vs. portraits, shape, still lifes and texture.

2nd Grade :Students will explore art elements, landscapes, abstract art, abstract vs. realistic, sculpture, family, architecture, careers and art of Japan.

3rd Grade :Students will explore space, Roman art, Byzantine art, Vikings, pattern, symmetry, Indian art, value and narrative art.

4th Grade :Students will explore Middle Ages, calligraphy, China, Islam, art of our nation, Mexico, Texas and careers in art.

5th Grade :Students will explore perspective, human proportion, Hudson River School, Civil War, art of Japan, monuments, Pacific Islands and also American art with a trip to the Amon Carter museum

6th Grade :Students will explore the Classical and Neoclassical period, Gothic art, Renaissance art, Baroque, Rococo and Romantic periods, Realism, symbols of religion and Africa.