Junior High (7th - 9th Grade)

  • 0 Absences earns 2 Exemptions
  • 1-2 Absences earns 1 Exemption

General Guidelines

  • An absence is defined as being in class less than 38 minutes at the high school level and less than 26 minutes at the junior high level.
  • Any absence of one period or more will constitute an absence for the day and will count against the exemption policy.
  • At campus discretion, tardies may be used as a criterion for granting exemptions.
  • Exemption passes must be used in the qualifying trimester/semester only and may not be held from one trimester/semester to the next.
  • Any student may opt to take a final examination in a course for which he/she has earned an exemption. When doing so, the exemption will be expended and the score obtained on the final examination will be used in computation of the final course grade only if doing so would improve the student's final course average.
  • A final exam exemption list will be posted two days before the first exam is given.  Students are responsible for checking the lists and if they feel there is an error, submit a written request to their attendance secretary by the posted deadline.
  • Junior High students must be enrolled a minimum of 15 weeks of the semester to be eligible for an exam exemption.
  • High School students must be enrolled a minimum of 10 weeks of the trimester to be eligible for an exam exemption.
  • Participation in a school sponsored activity and observance of a religious holy day are the only absences that do not count against a student's exemption. No other exceptions will be made to this Exemption Policy.
  • Students that take a total of 5 or more AP and/or IB exams will be exempt in all classes in the spring of that year.
  • IB diploma candidates will be exempt in all classes in the spring of their senior year.

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