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Week One: Introduction

Week Two: Introduction to Animal Tracking

Week Three: Introduction to Survival


North Euless Tracker Club Success Guide The North Euless Tracker Club will take on a new way in how knowledge is passed on, learned, and experienced. I have always thought of tracking and survival skills as sort of a "martial art" in that it is a skill that is learned and honed by the study of the student. You will be as good as you want to be. The harder you try, the more dirt time you put in, and the more you strive to learn, the farther you will go. Each week we will learn, take notes, discuss, practice, and experience the various skills that lead toward your success as a Tracker. Some of this knowledge you will have to find out on your own. You get out of it what you put in. I take this knowledge seriously and trully believe that a higher degree of character can be achieved with more dilligent study and emersion in the skills. My goal is to deliver a different way to learn and hopefully plant a seed that will bloom in later years. My highest blessings toward your success.

Tracker Code of Conduct


I hold Tracker students to a much higher standard so you will have to understand and abide by the expectations I set down for your conduct. Tracker students are expected to be leaders and examples for others to follow. You should be the person others look to so they understand how to act. Meetings are held each Friday at 3:05 and I expect you to arrive on time and be ready to participate. Upon arrival Trackers should check the board for instructions and follow them. There will be times that I will be detained and I need assurance that you will be using your time wisely until my arrival. There will be a sign in sheet on a table and each member will be asked to sign the sheet so that I can keep track of those who attend. This room is NOT a playground. There is no running or horseplay allowed at any time. Use of profanity or rude comments is strictly forbidden. All persons will be treated with respect at all times. We are a family and we will be working together. If you have baggage with another member leave it at the door when you enter. I expect my Trackers to treat other teachers with the utmost respect and I insist upon the use of Sir or Ma'am when speaking to them. Cold drinks and snacks are allowed during the meetings until they become a distraction then they will either but put aside or banned all together. Do not sit on tables or counter tops. Turn off your cell phones, I-pods, or any other portable music device. During meetings your attention is expected at all times. There will be plenty of times for you to interject your comments and questions. But during lessons I need you to listen and at times taking notes. Journals will be kept in the Art Studio unless you discuss with me about taking it home. At the end of the meeting you will need to put any chairs back in their positions, pick up any trash, stack your journals or any guidebooks, and gather your possessions. Chances are I will have to walk some of you across Harwood and I want do this all at once so please be prompt on your departure. Do not cross Harwood on your own. Wait for me or another adult. Make phone calls before the meeting starts so that when it comes time to leave we can all do so together. Parents are encouraged to attend any and all meetings. Friends are not. If a friend needs to wait on you during a meeting they must do so by sitting quietly and observing. If they become a distraction then they will be asked to leave. I will have materials available for check out, books, etc. This needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Before a meeting starts if possible. Please take care of my stuff. Many of the items I have were collected over years of travel and some are not replaceable. My books are just that, MY books. I do not want them damaged or lost. They are sources of information not just for you but for me as well. My main expectation for my Trackers is that you come wanting to learn and experience the wonders of the outdoors. If this is not your goal then please don't join the club and distract others. We will get outside for our lessons as much as possible so be prepared to sit on the ground. We will have fun and learn together. Any club member that continually does not meet up to these expectations will be asked to leave, as I will not allow someone to be a distraction to others. I understand that membership in the Tracker Club is a privilege and I must meet the above expectations and follow the guidelines laid down in the spirit of learning or I will be asked to forfeit my position in the Tracker Club.

Warrior Creed

Where ever I walk, everyone is a safer.

Where ever I go, anyone in need has a friend.

Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there.

  Robert L. Hmphreys