Student Supply Lists

Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing and Principles of Transportation students are not required to purchase specific Personnel Protective Equipment. (Safety glasses, dust mask, Aprons, etc.)  The program will supply such items when funding is available.

Classroom Supplies: All Collision Repair and Principles of Transportation students will be issued a new 3 ring binder and two #2 pencils. It is the responsibility of the student to supply thier binder with writing or a spiral notebook paper. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the student to maintain and supply his/her own future note taking and storage needs if he/she loses their notebook and required supplies.

Student Work Clothing : All Students are required to bring clean, decent looking old clothes to work in the lab. It is highly recommended, but not required to wear steel toed shoes. Tank tops, shorts, sandals, tatered clothing, etc. will not be allowed into the lab area because of safety protocols. This is a working lab program and students will get dirty, greasy and paint over spray on their work clothing that they bring to the program.

Program Shirts:  Students are required to buy dark blue workshirts from Walmart or Dickeys warehouse for the advanced collision class or Collision B section offered during the third trimester. Students will then be given a program patch. Ask the instructor for more details.

Fender Projects: A lab fee of $5.00 is required for the cost of a used repairable fender. Students may bring in thier own used fender from a wrecking yard or collision shop. Students wanting to bring in thier own vehicle fender must be approved by the instructor. However, such projects are reserved for the Advanced program. The fenders are the personnel property of students and may be taken home after thier repair process is completed.  (see pics)..

Individualized Student Projects: Individualized student projects must be pre-approved by the instructor. All approved project(s) costs must be payed for in advance. Students/parents are responsible for the cost of materials plus tax. All projects are subject to rules and guidelnes of the program and BCTEA.

 The instructor has the right to accept or reject any materials submitted for use by the student in the program.

Failure to wear proper work clothing will result in student sitting out the lab period and making a zero for the day.


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