District Art Show - 2009-2010




The 2009-2010 District Art Show was held at the Old Bedford School on March 7, 2010.  Students from HEB ISD elementary schools and secondary schools submitted works that were selected to be on display at the show.  The theme for the 2010 show is "ART:  Expanding Educational Possibilities".  This theme explores the possibilities of how a quality education, including the study of the Visual Arts, educates the whole child and develops a more well-rounded and focused learner. 


The link below named 2010 Art Show will open the Powerpoint presentation of the entire 2010 Old Bedford School Art Show.  You will see some of the work by our talented young artists...enjoy!!

Mark Chandler, HEB ISD Director of Visual and Performing Arts addressed the audience of students and parents.  The following is an excerpt from his comments:

The argument for a robust arts education in our schools is not a new one.  Research upon research has shown that a quality arts program in schools positively creates well rounded, culturally literate students.  We have firsthand knowledge based on that research that active participation in the arts, both visual and performing arts, promotes students to learn stronger and deeper in the other core academic classes, such as mathematics, science, social studies and languages.  The research further shows that students have an easier time mastering complex ideas and concepts when they are being creative and expresive through active participation in the arts. 

Thank you to all of the HEB ISD Art teachers who encouraged their students to be creative.  A SPECIAL Thank You to Cindy Hermus and Scott Matula for putting the slide show together and coordinating the 2010 District Art Show!  


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