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As we mourn the loss of three members of our Trinity family, we invite you to use this page as a place to share thoughts about Gaius Vaenuku (THS Class of 2013), Polo Manukainiu (THS Class of 2012), and Lolo Uhatafe (Euless Junior High student), along with support for Salesi Uhatafe (THS Class of 2013). All messages must be approved before they will appear, but we look forward to posting as many comments as possible.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, please share about the impact these young people have had in your life.
Tongan Nation......Trinity Trojan Nation........My thoughts and prayers are with you! Saddened by the loss of these young lives! May the Good Lord guide you in this time of need.....my heart is heavy and I join you in mourning the loss of these precious lives....May God's loving arms embrace you......... Rosa Kari/Secretary/Receptionist Administration Bldg. HEB ISD......
My deepest condolences go out to the parents of these boys. I can not imagine the loss and pain you are going through. I have sons around the ages of these young men and I'm certain they have met on the football field many times during their high school days. My heart is heavy for you, my prayers of comfort go out to God Almighty for you.
So saddened by this tragedy! Lolo - you were such a wonderful young man! I so enjoyed watching you grow! You were always so excited about being a Trojan one day! So glad I got to watch you play at EJH. You will be missed. Prayers go out to your family!
My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these young men who were taken from us way too soon. May God give you the strength and comfort during this difficult time. The loss is vibrating through everyone that these men touched including Euless Trinity students, faculty, Football program as well as Texas A&M and Utah. My hope is that the memory and love of these young men helps us all realize that life is short and to cherish every moment we have with those close to us.
We are praying for the families of these young men and the many friends who are so deeply affected by this tragedy. may the peace of God which surpasses all understanding comfort you as you mourn such a great loss
Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends. There is nothing worse than a loss of a child. May God comfort you, keep him close and let him guide you through these sad times. Trinity football has brought my family much joy and we know how close they all are. May God bring strength to us all.
This saddens my heart and gives a wake up call to a million . May Allah have the highest place in heaven for these three 3 angels. they say the good die young so god has called back what was his. Millions prayers go out to their family. And stAy strong salisi we all love u
The prayers of the entire AGGIE Nation go out to the families of the young men killed in this terrible accident. May God be with all of you in your time of a great loss.
The heavens will be brighter. My prayers go out to the friends, family, and students of Trinity High School and Euless Junior High. Words can not express my sympathy.
All of these boys had a huge impact on me and kept me laughing at school. Kids like these are a big part of the reason being a teacher is so awesome. Their loss is a reason being a teacher can be so heartbreaking. I taught Polo economics year before last and looked forward to seeing him back on the gridiron this fall. I just hugged Gaius and Salesi just a few short weeks ago at graduation and G honored me at his church last spring, one of the highlights of my career. My thoughts and prayers go out to these amazing young men and their families.
I am heartbroken at the loss of these boys. I was a lunch lady for Polo and Gaius and enjoyed seeing these two everyday at breakfast and lunch. These two were very special young men and always so kind to me and always had a big hug for me and sometime a loving punch from Polo. I will never forget these young men. Sending love and prayers for their families and also prayers for the Trinity family. This is such a difficult day.
We want everyone in the Trinity Family to know that the Coppell community is very saddened by this tragic loss. Three great young men were lost. It is so hard to understand. I remember that the Trinity Family was there for us when we lost Jacob Logan less that a year ago, and your community offered us love and support. We will always remember that. We stand with you during this difficult time. Thousands of prayers are coming your way. God bless these young men, their families, and each and every one of you at Trinity.
We are heartbroken over the loss of these amazing young men. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and to all of us who have wonderful memories of these boys gone too soon.
I didn't know these guys personally but I knew them well enough. When these guys were in the room or around there was never a dull or sad spirit they brought smiles and happiness and joy to everyone even if you were sad you had been crying all day they'd somehow make you smile. They were so sweet and funny always cracking jokes. They will truly be missed. #R.I.P guys. You will be missed. ONCE A TROJAN ALWAYS A TROJAN!!!
My daughter first met Gaius in 5th grade at South Euless Elementary. They have been great friends ever since. Our family is heartbroken at the news of the passing of these 3 amazing young men who were taken from us way too soon. We want the families to know that they are in our prayers and thoughts. The whole community is saddened by the loss of their children. We are mourning alongside the family and will support them during this tragic time. Your children have brought so many others happiness, kindness, and love. That is a reflection of their families and a reflection of the kind of young men they were. We miss them greatly and they will never be forgotten. Their memories will live on in each of us.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these young men. It was great opportunity to watch you boys play football! R.I.P.
Prayers going out for all the families who are grieving and for the injured survivors. May God give strength to those who will be grieving their children.
GAIUS! You were sooooo funny all you did was tryin to be funny and goofy ur personality was js OUT GOING! .. Polo a true leader i will always remember when i was sitting outside and the Scouts from A&M came when you were showing them your classes iguess, and you turned and was like " OH YEAH " lol ... Lolo A lil Kid with a Big heart n a bright future; GREAT at the game yall all loved FOOTBALL.. Your mommy was ur best supporter ALWAYS yellin' for her sons! VERY VERY sad to know all of this is actually true! Its like we wish wed wake up but when we do its still true..But to know GOD needed yall more then us and yall are in Heaven; just know watch over all of us esp ur lil sisters n brothers and ur parents.. Rest in Love guys <3<3 may the Lord comfort the families <3 .... You will ALWAYS be rememberd in our hearts.. Love you all very much!! Will pray for yall.... Ofa atu kihe famili.. ONCE A TROJAN ALWAYS A TROJAN
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Lolo such a sweet young man who impacted so many lives with his love for life ! May God comfort family and friends!
My deepest condolences to the families of these young men, I can think of nothing worse than to lose a child. The achievements these young men made in their short years here is a testament to our community on dedication, perseverance, and the value of teamwork.
Last year I was on his APS team. he was such an amazing player. he will be missed. love you man!
In my brief time (3 years) working for HEBISD, I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with all of these young men. They were terrific competitors on the field and were always polite. It is absolutely tragic to lose 3 men so full of life and so full of potential . Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in HEB as we remember and mourn these great kids.
Our thoughts and prayers goes out these family
My heart breaks for the family and friends of these young men. Many prayers for peace and comfort to all. Heaven has gained mighty warrior angels. Rest in Peace - your legacy will love on.
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