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Gentle giant, great teacher, great friend, provider to those who had nothing, and was a father figure to those who did not have one.... you will be missed!
A leader to all who walked his halls. Mr. Reynolds taught me to become a better person through his leadership and guidance. I wouldn't be the man I am today without him. For you, I am grateful.
With the utmost respect,
Sgt. Daniel Carino
he didnt just teach you science... He taught you to love it. <3
Randy was a great guy!! Never raised his voice, very calm person and a very down to earth teacher.
I loved talking to Randy almost everyday when he came to my room to leave assignments. He will always be remembered and thought of for many years to come. I know that Randy is in Heaven because he was a good person and a loving husband, father and grandfather. My prayers are with the family.
God Bless!! We will miss you Randy!
Coach Reynolds was more than a teacher or coach, he was a good friend to all and loved by all who knew him. I remember a time he taught me to be a better person when he broke up a fight I was in. Man did I get punished not only by the school and athletics but by Coach Reynolds. He did this because he knew I was a better person than what he saw, and he was right. He taught me how to not just focus on the now but instead on the later as well; that all actions have consequences. You always have a choice and what you choose -- whether it be right or wrong -- there are consequences. The way he talked to you was not talking down to you or yelling at you. He talked to you like a friend, like he knew what was going on and understood. His teaching was much the same. He didn't just talk and talk to you. He had a way of grabbing your attention and getting you involved with what he was either trying to explain or was doing at the time. You always looked forward to going to his class.

I also couldn't forget his coaching style. Up in your face, passionate about football, his big thing was "get low bend your knees and hit them at the base of the numbers, drive your screws of the helmet into those numbers. And knock them on their butts". Also he was a big driller; do it over and over until you get it memorized. Always and he meant always remember your block. And always protect the quarterback. And when you make a hole make it big enough to make a hotel in it. As Coach John Adkins would say. Coach Reynolds, Danny Phipps, John Adkins, Coach Harmond and Coach Beckelman made a great team together and brought the best out of you as a player.

I would say going to school at Central Jr High is one of my best memories in life as a child. To this day I tell my children stories of my coaches and Coach Reynolds. One of my best memories with Coach Reynolds and me is when we had the lock out party for the athletic department. Coach Reynolds had me and two other athletes and his son help
him unload his telescope from his van, so we could see Saturn passing by. It was the first and last time I had ever seen Saturn like that. It was so close and you could see the rings around it and its colors. I was so excited it was the first time I had got to see anything from space that well with my own eyes. Now every time I look up into the sky I remember that day and remember Coach Reynolds. This world will be a lesser place without you in it. As well as Central Jr. High you have touched so many lives and hearts of so many people you will be greatly missed.

In Memory of Coach Reynolds

Many tears will be shed, Many heads will be bowed, Many hearts will be broken at the loss of a great person.
Many memories have been made and passed on, Many people will be lost and try to move on.
Many students have learned, Many projects have been made, Many papers have been graded.
Many classes remain empty what a hard person to try to replace, Many teachers go by of the man behind the name.
Many plays you have made win the days well as the game, Many days of sweat and pain gone at the absence of you name.
Many people, friends, students, colleagues all wondering the same thing: "why you?"
Many things you have done to inspire, touch, reach out, teach, coach, mentor all around you.
I guess what I'm trying to say is thank God that I have met you. And you have touched my life.
In all types of ways thank you for being you and now helping me to become me.
Thank you Coach Reynolds
May you be in a Heavenly place as you have made Heaven on earth for those who were around you.
God bless your family as they weep for their loss of you.
But thank you for touching my life with out you I couldn't be who I am today

Dustin Morton
Mr.Reynolds was my seventh grade science teacher. Before I had him I absolutely had no love for science. When I entered his class I felt comfortable and was able to learn. Because of Mr.Reynolds I now have a love for science and it is one of my favorite subjects. Mr.Reynolds you will never be forgotten.
I LOVED Mr.Reynolds he was an amazing science teacher and an amazing person, he would always tell us stories about his family and his voice was so comforting. He always tried to help no matter what and for a bunch of crazy 7 graders we were that year, he was soooo calm and helpful. He will be missed A LOT like crazy, but he's still with us no matter what. He is a true inspiration of what courage is. He fought this horrible disease and now God has paid his fight with the riches of his kingdom. R.I.P Mr.Reynolds....... We Love You. <3
Mr. Reynold was my 7th grade science teacher. He was the only teacher that gave me hope that I was a good person and gave me hope that I could overcome my problems and that I would graduate. I promised him I would go see him after I moved and I'm still going to. I love you for every thing you helped me with and I don't know how to repay you.
I had him last year. Best teacher EVER. When I walk past his class, I get tears in my eyes. He never got mad at us. I guess because there was around 12 kids in his 6th period. I wish he had beaten cancer and become my 8th grade science teacher.
I remember when mr. Reynolds would come up with the weirdest ways to teach us something, but it always worked (:
I could not believe when they told me that Mr.Reynolds had passed away!!! I had him for 7th grade science and I still remember when I was in his class. I learned many things in his class he was a very good teacher. Now as a Senior at L.D Bell when I don't know some of my science stuff I remember some of the stuff he taught us and it helps!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MR.REYNOLDS YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!
Mr. Reynolds was my 7th grade science teacher. I had been transferred to Central J.H. after the 6th grade and I vividly remember my first year at this school. The one memory that sticks out the most was ending my day in 7th period with Mr. Reynolds. Science has always been my favorite subject and continued to be because of a man like Mr. Reynolds. I wish I could tell him that college is just a year away and I plan to attain a masters in astrophysics. He was a great teacher and friend and I will miss him.
You honestly were one of the coolest teachers I had in 7th grade. It was fun making jokes with you and just clowning around about things. You won't ever be forgotten, rest in Christ Mr.Reynolds.
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