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Central Jr High Spartans would like to honor the memory of our beloved Mr. Reynolds. Randy Reynolds lost his battle with cancer on 12-8-11. He was a long time employee of HEB ISD, coaching over the years and most recently teaching our wonderful 7th graders here at CJH in the subject of Science. Mr. Reynolds was also inducted into the HEB ISD Sports Hall of Fame. He will truly be missed.

As we mourn the loss of our friend, teacher and colleague, we invite you to use this page as a place to share thoughts about Randy Reynolds. All messages must be approved before they will appear, but we look forward to posting as many comments as possible.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, please share about the impact Mr. Reynolds had in your life.

In lieu of flowers the Reynolds family has set up a fund for students here at CJH.  The Randy Reynolds Fund will fund school supplies for students in need here at Central.  Please make checks out to Central Juniior High and you can bring them into the front office.  Mr Reynolds adored his kids here at CJH and his family thanks you for your donations to our SPARTAN kids. 

Mr. Reynolds was my 7th grade football coach when I was a student here. He embodied what is best about Athletics: challenging us to excel, encouraging us, and motivating us. He was a kind man, a hard worker, and a great coach. I am a different person because of his coaching. He never could pronounce my last name, but I didn't mind. I will miss Coach Reynolds.
Randy you are a true gentleman and I am so blessed to have known you in my lifetime! You will be missed by all whose lives you have touched!
Randy was one of the nicest persons I have ever had the privilege to know. He was thoughtful, helpful, and kind to everyone. He could tell you how to fix anything. To say he was layed-back is an understatement. I always found calm and a positive reassurance in his company.
His family was the most important thing in the world to him. He loved to share their stories and what was happening. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tina and the rest of his family.
We will all miss him. He made our world a better place!
Mr. Reynolds was one of my favorite people in the world. As a 7th grader I never liked science,but when I met Mr. Reynolds I looked forward to science every day. He truly was the best teacher. He was kind and not easily tempered which is impossible for me. Teaching a class full of hyper 12 and 13 year olds is not easy, but he pulled through. He did everything in his power to make sure that I wasn't failing his class. He cared so much about his students that he was willing to accept 2 weeks late work. He had so much sympathy. He will be missed.
Gone but never forgotten.
My thoughts and prayers go out towards his family. God bless them all.
I had the pleasure of working with Randy for many years at Central. I admired him for the calm way he handled his classes and his willingness to stop and talk with you about anything. He would even ask about my grandchildren, two of whom he had taught. My favorite memory is watching him call my grandson off the football field, put his arm around his shoulders and quietly explain what he had done wrong on the preceding play. He was a great teacher and coach, and his memory and teachings will live on in the hearts of his students.
Dear CJH Spartan Staff,

Sorry CJH staff, that you have lost a friend and family. I know over the past week it has been hard to move forward with not 1 loss but 2. He will be deeply missed by all the staff and students at school. He left a warm touch in my boys hearts.

Prayers go out to his family and all the staff there!!!

Melissa dando Jeremy and Jordan Wiggins Mom
You were my 7th grade science teacher...even now being a senior i remember your class...you were an amazing teacher and will always be in the memory of those who encountered you anytime in your life...for those who never got to meet you...they really missed out...R.I.P Mr. Reynolds
Mr. Reynolds was my 7th grade science teacher, and he was the sweetest thing. I always asked him questions and he always had an answer. I will truly miss him. Thank you Mr. Reynolds!! I love you!
My science teacher of last year,
Reynolds we would call him.

Remembering such a man brings tears to my eyes.
Encountering one of life's many twists and turns,
You bravely fought until the end.
No one will forget
Our most beloved coach, teacher, and friend.
Life took you for a ride, and you won its race.
Driven, inspirational, kind.
So with these words, I can finally say, "Goodbye"
It's sad he is gone I just got to know him last year. I would always hang after class and talk to him.
He was a very nice understanding teacher. Once i got a d-hall from him and I deserved it but we talked
after class and I found that we had a lot to talk about. When I heard he got sick i was very upset.
It was already supposed to be his last year but we did not even get to finish it.
He will be missed very badly by me because I didn't just lose a teacher.
I lost a friend
Mr. Reynolds taught our daughter two years ago. He was such a kind teacher and encouraged her in all that she did. He truly made a difference in her life and we thank God for the influence he had on her. We will be praying for the family of Mr. Reynolds, asking God to give them peace and comfort and to fill their hearts with warm memories.
Coach renolds is one of the greatest coaches and teachers in the HEB schools you will surely be missed. Heavenly father be with the family and friends of coach reynolds . Untill we meet again my friend .GOD bless.
My daughter Brianne had Mr. Reynolds for 7th grade Science when she was in 7th grade. Mr. Reynolds always went out of his way to help Brianne succeed and even let her turn in assignments late. He was a wonderful teacher who not only cared about teaching but I could tell he loved working with kids. If it wasn't for all Mr. Reynolds guidance and help since Brianne struggled in 7th grade adapting to all the new changes, I don't think Brianne wouldn't be as successful as she is today in school if it hadn't been for the wonderful influence Mr. Reynolds had on her. He was very helpful to me also. I know he will be truly missed not only in the HEB district but also in the community. It's hard to find great teachers and Mr. Reynolds is one of those "Great Teachers" who don't come around often. He will be deeply missed. God Bless his entire family during this difficult time!!!
Mr. Reynolds was such an amazing science teacher, I hate science but in his class I understood everything so well.
He always had a smile on his face so I never knew what was going on.
He was such an amazing guy/husband/teacher/coach/friend everything.
You will truly be missed.
Im so glad I got to meet you & talk to you.
I miss & love you . <3
Randy was my uncle. My favorite in fact. I always looked up to him! I love you Uncle Randy. Please wait for me up there in heaven. I love you and miss you. " Cancer brings many people's lives daily to an end. You were one of the and you will never be forgotten" I love you. - delaney
He taught me to love science
I had Coach Reynolds for Science, many, many years ago. He was always fun, but never let us get outta line. Truly enjoyed his class. Even more so, I remember Coach Reynolds and Mrs. Reynolds (no relation), when our classes joined together for D.A.R.E., I don't know how they did it and kept their sanity, but they managed. Great times...Sorry to here that so many students won't have the opportunity to have such a wonderful influence.
Mr Reynolds was my 7th grade science teacher. He used to tell us stories about his family and how it was like when he was a coach. I will really miss him very much. R.I.P. Mr Reynolds. :`[
I know Mr. Randy Reynolds he was my teacher when I was in 7th grade. He helped me with my English, he helped me understand, and I miss him. I didn't even know that he's dead. I just found out and it hurt. I will miss him, he was my best teacher in 7th grade.
Mr.Renyolds was my seventh grade sceince teacher. He was and is a great man. I hope you have a great life in Heaven. I am so glad you're out of pain now.
With All My Love,
Allexys Markcum
My sister was one of his students in 7th grade for her science class and he will be safe and sound in heaven. My brother wanted to see him but he cant now he really misses him. He was a funny teacher that's what my sister said at least. He's watchin all over CJH this was his family and we still are. WE LOVE U AND WE WILL MISS U
Coach Reynolds was my teacher when I was 13 years of age; I am now 26. He was an awesome science teacher though he always wanted me to join football. I kept writing on his classroom desks and never got in trouble. I will miss u coach.
Mr. Reynolds was my 7th grade science teacher and he truly was amazing. I remember that he would talk about the antiques his grandfather gave to him and it's just a disappointment that he is gone now. Mr. Reynolds will be remembered and loved.
God bless
Mr. Reynolds was my 7th grade science teacher, and my favorite teacher in general. He made me love science and told so many wonderful stories. He taught me so much and really touched my life. I will never forget him, no matter what. Because of him, I have rethought my dream job, and who I want to be when I grow up. Thank you so much Mr. Reynolds, I'll miss you
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