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Caring for her students more than herself.
Optimistic to anyone's actions.
Able to take the pain and still put on a smile.
Capable of conquering any obstacle that was in the way.
Humorous and could turn a frown upside down for anyone.

Remarkable for what she has done to change so many people's life's.
Young. Too young to go.
Aspiring, in the hardest situations.
Numerous sarcastic statements.
Talented, not many people go through this much pain and keep a smile on their face at the same time.
Coach Bryant was an awesome coach. She touched every person in her life. I had an opportunity to have her as my volleyball coach. I also had her for English. I still to this day can't believe she is gone, but I know that she is in a better place and she is no longer suffering. Every time I walk in her class room I feel her presence. I feel so bad for her family, I know if she was my mom it would be hard to live life. So all my thought and prayers are still going to the friends and family of Coach Bryant. I love and miss you coach bryant. Hope 2 see you one day.
I loved and always love Coach Bryant!!!
Coach Bryant was more than just another face. We all knew her, and we all knew it was a privilege to be taught by such a strong woman. She is and always will be one of my fave teachers. I hope god has rewarded you for your struggles. We'll miss you.
Kellie I miss you so much and will never forget your smile and that infectious laugh of yours.
I will always remember your friendship and loving spirit.
Rest in Peace my sweet girl.
I'm glad that I got to meet her, she was beautiful. She's a angel taking care of us in heaven. RIP COACH BRYANT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS. (: <3
Coach Bryant was my English teacher in 7th grade. She did did a lot to help me and keep me out of fights and not get locked up. I just wish I would have listened to her and been a better person. Now all I hope is when I look up she looks down and is proud because she has my respect.
Coach Bryant was one of my favorite coaches, I could just go talk to her for hours and hours < 3
- she will always be in my heart !
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