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As we mourn the loss of our beloved coach, teacher, and friend, we invite you to use this page as a place to share thoughts about Kellie Bryant. All messages must be approved before they will appear, but we look forward to posting as many comments as possible.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, please share about the impact Coach Bryant had in your life.




I had the privilege to coach with Coach Kellie Bryant 1999-2001 at San Angelo Lincoln Middle School. She led the teams to 5 city championships out of a possible six. But more than her win/loss record she was such an inspiration to all of us and brought so much laughter to every situation. She will be missed.
I loved how Coach always made you laugh, even when you were in pain, or sad, or mad....I remember one day, we ran two miles, and when we were done they told us to walk a lap. Coach Bryant told us to yodel while we walked. Well, we didn't and she pretended to get mad, and told us we had to do 200 push ups. We thought she was serious and she stood over us while we did over 50. Then she started laughing and said she was kidding and walked away. I started laughing and every one joined in. I think that was the best day I have ever had in athletics. She was truly the funniest coach, who knew how to make hard times bearable. I love you Coach Bryant.
My daughter had coach Bryant in 7th grade English. Despite all that Coach Bryant was dealing with she was also helpful, upbeat with attitude and personality and always deligent in helping Brianne do whatever is necessary to succeed her 7th grade year which was very challenging to Brianne. Coach Bryant was a wonderful teacher and influence on my daughter. I am deeply sadden by her loss and she will be greatly missed in the HEB district. God Bless her children and her family during this difficult time. My prayers go out to her family.
Kellie Bryant taught me how to fight against all odds. She was a fighter of the true meaning no matter what she was up against whether it was cancer or just life! We started at CJH the same year and although I never got to spend as much time with her as I wanted to, the time I did get was PRICELESS! There was never a dull moment or lack of laughter with Kellie! I will miss her dearly at all the sporting events her at CJH especially come track season! I love you Kellie Bryant. You are a true inspiration to all who were blessed to have known you!
What an inspiration you were to your students and the staff here at CJH!! You were a true fighter who laughed through your difficult times. I will never forget you, Kellie! My thoughts go out to your husband, parents, and children.
Kellie, I still can't believe that you are no longer with us. You are such a joyous person to be around and I know that your joy will continue to live on in the people's hearts of all who knew you. Thank you for turning our sad times into laughter. You had the gift to bring a smile to anyone's face. You will be terribly missed by the "lunch bunch", faculty, and students here at CJH.
I didn't know Mrs. Bryant well. I only knew of her. But what I did notice is how she came to work everyday that she could, and never complained. In fact, I would overhear her talking to others and telling them to be positive in whatever it was, that they were talking about, so it seemed to me that she was a very positive person, indeed. I admire that in a person, especially when they have had to face so much adversity in their life. She will be missed.
Everyone that knew Kelli always enjoyed being in her company. She always was the life of the party!
Although I am retired, I miss working with her. She listened to everyone, her students, her fellow teachers, her fellow staff members, and always had a thoughtful and supportive message for each one of us.
A sad loss for all of us. I will keep her family in my thoughts and prayers for a very long time.
God blessed us all, having Kelli in our lives.

AND I wish she were here to proof read this for me!
Kellie was a wonderful teacher and person. I was lucky enough to teach next to her and have lunch with her the past few years at Central. She could always make me laugh, and brighten up even my most stressful days! I will never forget Kellie and how hard she fought!
Kellie Bryant is a true inspiration. I have looked up to her as a teacher, coach, mother, as a woman. Through all her hardships she stayed strong and kept fighting. No matter how bad things got, Kellie always had a smile on her face. I will never forget her witty comments and funny nicknames. It was amazing how quickly she could come up with one! There was never a time that Kellie couldn't make me laugh or raise my spirits. I will carry her always in my heart,

Kellie, never forget:
-laying eggs
- the small window on the bus
- track meets
- potty jokes
- my funny faces

Love you Kellie!
I'm happy that she doesn't have to go through pain.But im sad that she's not here anymore.
I had her as a teacher and a coach.I just want ya'll to know that she's in a better place now.
She has fought a very hard and unforgettable battle , it was time to stop.just know that she's better
now and we will always have Coach Kellie Ranee Bryant in our HEARTS<3.
On behalf of the Wyldlife team , we pray for God's comfort and peace for her young family. And for the students and faculty that will deeply miss her.
Coach Bryant was a great volleyball coach.. And a great teacher. But she also touched my heart and a lot of other students too! I wish she could still be here today. Coach Bryant you will always be in my heart<3
Yells at us cause she loves us
Never gives up on us or herself
The best English/coach here Smiley Will miss you forever and, that God keeps you in his Kingdom always. <3
Coach Bryant,
At the beginning of the year last year you were so welcoming and im glad we got to talk more. Anytime I ever had a problem or needed advice or just a hug...you were there. I knew I could trust you with anything we talked about, that you'd take care of it. It was only about a month ago when I noticed you had brought your kids to visit my church....
Everyone there loved you though not many knew you very well.
Though you didn't really give me a nickname,v we were close. The morning I found out about our loss I was crushed.....and I felt guilty for not crying as much as everyone else did, but I know that if I had you'd tell me to stop crying and be happy for you. You're in a better place now and I'll never forget the good times we had and the most memorable times. Miss You!!!! <3
I don't know what to say. Coach Bryant was the best teacher I've never had, she helped me a lot. I remember last year it was my first day to run, I told her that coach I cant run I don't know how to run like they running so fast. You know what she told me. She said, "don't you worry about other people, don't worry about how are they running that fast, all you have to do is just clean your mind and run, do the best you can and run fast as you can key". Coach was like my friend she taught me how to run fast as I can and how not to worry about what people thinks . I really miss her I never get to say thank to her, I miss talking to her. Sometimes she was little bit hard on me I thought that she was hurting me but she wasn't, she was helping me and that why I thank you coach and I miss you so much I wish you were here. I love you Coach Bryant I will ever never forget the best time we had and all the talk, love you coach
I love you coach
Coach Bryant,I love you so much you mean the world to me. You are the best coach i have ever had..... and will ever have. I impacted my life in so many ways. You will always be in my heart. Rest In Paradise Coach Bryant!!!!!!
Coach Bryant was my English teacher and she was my volleyball coach.
She helped me through SO MUCH during or outside of school. She taught me EVERYTHING i need to know in life. She couldn't pronounce my last name so she gave me the nickname Soot
or she would pronounce it SOOTHIVONG. Coach Bryant NEVER had a frown on her face, she was ALWAYS happy
and she would ALWAYS joke around in class and tell stories. The last time i saw her was when she came to school
starting Chemotherapy again and the last thing she said to me was, "It's okay, I'm fine." And i almost cried because i knew she felt sick and I knew she probably won't make it..
I love you Coach Bryant
Rest In Paradise <3 2/13/70 - 12/1/11
She was the best person and a very kind person, she will always be with the central student body. As much as we cry she is looking inside of our hearts and filling it with joy. Merry x-mas spartans.
Coach Bryant was one of the best coaches that I knew. She would always push me to excel to victory and do it right. It's gonna be hard without her but she's in a better place now.
Thank you for always making me smile and laugh! What I blessing you were to me!
When Kellie was a student at Lincoln MIddle School, I had the privilege of being her coach! I also had the joy of having her as a student in my English class. She was one awesome person and a such a competitive athlete. We always remained good friends as I coached with her mother. What a classy lady Kellie was! Her laugh, sense of humor and friendship will be forever missed. Oh the wonderful stories I could tell about her. She will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace, Kellie Bryant!
coach Bryant was a good coach to both of us she loved what she did as much as we loved her she was a great person every student and teacher loved her
we love her
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