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Do you have a movie that you think best represented the book? Did they pick the best actors or have the best special effects? Tell us why you think the book / movie combo was great.
There are a series of books that I just absolutely love, love, love. The series is called The Baby-Sitters Club and the books were written in the 1980's so not very many people have read the books. They're about seven best friends who decide to open a baby sitting club together. The idea of the club is that parents can call any time and they can reach seven sitters at the same time. Well, in 1995, a movie was made based on the books. The movie's called The Baby Sitters Club Movie, and that movie has to be one of the best movies that I have ever seen. I've watched it so many times that I've memorized all of the lines by heart. The reason that I really love the movie is that when I watch it, the actresses that played the seven girls looked exactly how I pictured them to be when I was reading the books. Whenever I watch the movie, it's like I'm watching a book.