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Georgeann Gallian - "Goddess of Data"As we mourn the loss of our beloved principal and friend, we invite you to use this page as a place to share thoughts about Georgeann Gallian. All messages must be approved before they will appear, but we look forward to posting as many comments as possible.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, please share about the impact Georgeann had in your life.

Georgeann Gallian asked me to train her staff last year in Sheltered Instruction. It was one of the best experiences I've had working with a group of teachers. She truly cared about her staff and her students. She will definitely be missed!
Ms. Gallian is the most warm hearted person I know. She has been the best principal for my 3 kids. She treated all the kids as her own and even though my oldest has not been there in 3 years, Ms. Gallian still remembered her by name.
Hayley is very sad that she will not be able to make the memorial on Sunday but will always rememeber Ms. Gallian.
Veronica and Seth will miss Ms. Gallian tremendously. Especially Veronica. Ms. Gallian would take the time to console Veronica in the mornings when she was having a bad day and a hard time getting to class.
We will all miss you, Ms. Gallian. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
She thought I was a great kid. Every time I saw her, I'd wave and she'd wave back. I remember when she dressed up really great for all the dress up days and how she laid on the floor with us in 3rd grade for our Roman Feast. I'm sad I won't see her at school again.
It is difficult to process the loss of such an amazing woman, who touched the lives of so many in her community. In the years I worked with her on the PTA board, her love for children was evident each and every day. She had a special passion for those children who were at some disadvantage, be it learning, financial, family difficulties, or otherwise. She insisted EVERY child at Hurst Hills be given the same opportunity and unrelenting support to thrive, regardless of what obstacles may stand in their way. Her positive attitude and love for her job created a nurturing 'home away from home' to my children's early learning experiences. She insisted on a school that welcomed parental involvement and felt 'warm' to all who entered. I will be eternally grateful to her for what she contributed to my children and to all children who had the fortune to know her. We simply did not have her long enough. She will be missed terribly.
Mrs. Gallian was the nicest principal that I have ever had! She was nice enough where if someone needed lunch money she would loan that person enough money to at least buy their lunch so that they wouldn't be hungry. I will definitley miss seeing her standing at the front door in the mornings and hearing her voice on the announcements. When my class heard that she passed away we were very very sad. :( I will keep her family in my prayers. I will miss her very deeply! :( I will her as my nicest principal ever!
GG as we came to know Mrs. Gallian was our much loved friend and supporter. Mrs. Gallian always accepted our kiddos, no matter what they did or didn't do. She supported us parents when we weren't sure what we were suppose to do. There was never a time when she accepted - "can't, won;t or it's too hard!"
She took care of all of us.
The PTA loves Mrs. Gallian, she allowed us to do for her, and the school to the best of our abilities.
We all looked forward to her smiling face each and every morning greeting us at the front door - no matter the weather (if we made it before the first bell).
She allowed us to be a family, teachers, staff, parents and children. It was a terrible blow on Thursday morning - but as she had taught us - we pulled together and took care of our family, as we will continue to do in her honor.
Our kids now have an angel to look after them - even when they out grow Hurst Hills.
We will miss you terribly, and work very hard to make you proud. We love you Mrs. Gallian, thank you for all you've taught me, and our children.

Karen Hopper
Hurst Hills PTA President, and mom
I loved Mrs. Gallian. She was a nice woman. She would always come in and say, 'are you having a great day?'. At the end of announcements, she would say, 'keep up your own learning and your own work'. She was so cheerful and happy all the time. I loved how she was always happy and all I know was she loved children and teachers. She would sometimes come in and hug my teachers. We will always remember Mrs. Gallian as she was a great woman.
I'm an 8th grader at Hurst Jr. High and I used to go to Hurst Hills. I just heard the news this morning at school from some of my friends. Mrs. Gallian was the best principal anyone could ask for. She was always welcoming when you went to her office and was understanding. I have many memories of her oustanding actions towards us students. The 6th grade class of 06-07 was crushed to hear of her sudden death. We wish her family all the best and pray that this will not go down as such a sad day, but for all of us to remeber the great things she did for us as a principal and friend.
Mrs. Gallian, the one who escorted me through my 1st day of school, is now in my loving memory. May your soul rest in peace. Love, Steven Lewis

Mrs. Gallian, You have always been so sweet to me, I will miss you terribly. May the angels watch over you and keep you safe. Love, Courtney Lewis
Mrs Gallian was very special. I still remember the Summer prior to my sons Kinderdarten year. I walked in to the school aimlessly looking for the right direction to find the Kindetgarten area and Mrs. Gallian said in a nice mild mannered tone, "Would you like to take a walk and tour the school?" They were just simple words but they made an impression on my son from that point on. She made us feel so welcome to Hurst Hills and I felt much better knowing that she would make him feel so comfortable starting school. Since then she had also come to know my daughter, Courtney and has also left a lasting impression on her as well. All though we have explained Mrs. Gallian is now out of pain and is with God, she still sobs just knowing she will never get to see her again. Mrs. Gallian even left an impression on the family with my youngest daughter who is only barely 4 months old. As I walked in to the school while the baby was only 6 weeks old, Mrs. Gallian came up to take a peek at her and touched me softly on the shoulder to tell me how beautiful my baby is. I am just sad to know that she left us so quickly and I just wish her family well and hope that all of these messages will be saved some where for her children and grand children to be able to see how many peoples lives she has touched. Her smile brightened the school and made all of us feel loved no matter what we were going through. Mrs. Gallian, you will truly be missed. May God and his angels bless your soul and keep you safe. Love, Dawn, Brian, Steven, Courtney, & Carley Lewis
I'm now an eighth grader at Hurst Junior High, but I went to Hurst Hills from kindergarten through sixth grade. I was devasted to hear about Mrs. Gallian. Mrs. Gallian was honestly the best, most loving principal you could ask for; she knew everyone by name and would actually take time to get to know you. I remember in the fifth grade for the Battle of the Books, only the team members and not the alternative were supposed to attend, and I was so crushed I hadn't made the team, so she said she would take me to the competition. On the car ride there she asked me questions about myself and my family and told me stories of her own, and you could just tell she really cared about everything I was saying. I wish her family the best and hope that everyone remembers her for her all the compassionate things she has done to impact everyone's lives.
Mrs. Gallian was probably one of the nicest people that I have ever known and have ever gotten to know. When I was a baby and small child, she and my grandma used to walk me in my stroller. That has always been something special. She knew the name of every kid at school, and in the mornings, she would always smile and wave to everybody. Almost my whole class cried when the bad news was confirmed. I am crying as I write this. I love you, Mrs. Gallian. I will miss you.
I will miss Mrs. Gallian very much and I will never forget how nice she was, and most of all how she would always end the announcements every morning by saying: "remember you are responsible for your own learning." That definetly showed that she loved all of the students and the staff and that she wanted us all to be successful. I have never known a nicer principal than her. When my class heard the bad news alot of my classmates just bursted into tears. The entire family of Mrs. Gallian is in my prayers. I know that God and his angels are keeping her safe right now. I wil always remember Mrs. Gallian for all of the effort that she has put into making our school a safer and better place to learn! May god and his angles bless the family of Mrs. Gallian and keep Mrs. Gallian's family safe! Amen
Mrs. Gallian was always there for me and helped me when times were bad for my family. She was always giving good advice and making people hopeful. I am in the 7th grade at Central Jr. High because I play the violin and she always came to almost every rectial and went to the ones we had this year. She was always at the door at the start of the day and smiling to wish everyone a good day at school. She believed in everyone that came into that school and helped everyone do wonderful. She was one of the most sweet, nice, caring, hopeful, and many other things. I will always rember her with a smile and her helpful words.
Our family just learned of these shocking news from our son Steve round the dinner table. With tearly eyes you could see him sink back into the fordest memories of Mrs Gallian. All of us started to recall what stood out of Mrs. Gallian. As parent we knew her as our son's Principal. As a parent I call the first new student enrollment meeting that we attended the fall of 2002 - we had just moved in the district from out state. I was eager to attend the meeting because I wanted to meet and see the leadership of the elementary school that our son would be joining for 2nd grade. I must say that after that evening I went home assured that with such passionate leadership, love and commitment to the students success of Mrs Gallian, our son was at the right school and under trustworthy learning environment.
From the fall of 2002 until the end of Spring 2007, driving our son to school every morning and seeing Mrs. Gallian waiting, welcoming, smiling and holding the door for the students to get in (Imagine - a Principal holding the door = Servant Leadership or should is I say Student-loving Leadership at its best. Then at the end of the day she was out seeing them off with a longing in her faces to seen then again the following day, week, semester or school year.
To the members of Mrs Gallian family, we share with you the loss of your loved dear Mrs Gallian, to the rest of us "our sons and daughters Principal. Whereas no words can comfort you enough, I wish to encourage you by assuring you that her legacy will live on. Such legacy as words that my son recalled when I just asked him of one thing that he intimately remember of his principal. He said " I remember in 5th grade I walking on the hallway next to Mrs. Gallian and called me by my name and said to me that if I keep up those good grades good things will happen". That's is the kind of legacy I am sure she has left to many kids that she took the time to know by name and how they were doing in there school performance. Rest in Peace, Our son's Elementary Principal. You will be missed, but your words will be lived out."
she always had a great smile always trying to go to each peformance my family knew her for a long time.
Mrs Gallian was the best principal in the world!
Mrs.Gallian was the nicest principal I have ever met, I loved her with all my heart. She alway's had a lovely smile on her face & was so loving. She would alway's be at the front door welcoming you into Hurst Hills. I am a student at Hurst Junior High, but I went to Hurst Hill's in 5th & 6th grade. I was devasted to hear that Mrs.Gallian had passed away :( God bless her family. I just can't believe that she has passed away. Mrs.Gallian, I know you can't read this, but I will miss you very very much & I will keep you in my prayer's.
Ms. Georgeann will be missed! She was my first Principal that I worked with during my employment at HEB-ISD. I saw her many times interact with her students in a loving and fun way. Her costumes were the best! She "breathed" learning and respect into her students every time she could. I also saw her enjoy watching LD Bell Football games at Pennington Field each Friday night.
My prayers are with her family and Hurst Hills Elementary.
i remember when i first came to hurst hills in 2003 and the first thing i remember is meeting MRS.Gallian. She always had a smile on her face , and it just saddens me deeply that she's gone . may she rest in peace.
Words cannot express what Mrs. Gallian means to me and my family. I could never thank her for the support, love, and understanding that she gave us.. She was so much more than a principal. She was a beautiful and amazing person. We were blessed to have had her in our lives these last seven years. I love her and I will miss her. I will encourage my children to honor her by growing into the wonderful young people that she could see when she looked at them.
i am now an 8th grader at central junior high. i remember when i first meet mrs. gallian: she was very welcoming to me on my first day of school. she has had an huge impact on my life. every time i visited hurst hills, she was always there: always telling me how proud she was of me and always hugged me. i will miss mrs. gallian. she was the principal that truly made a kid want to come to school. now that she is gone, things will never be the same. she will always be in my heart, and will always be in the hearts of those she knew and made a life-long impact on
"I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free."

— from The Peace of Wild Things, by Wendell Berry (1934 - )
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