Posted by Kim Kamin on Monday, Dec 8th, 2008.
The Juniors and the Senior heard information about college. The Junior powerpoint is in the document manager.

Below are a few of the things discussed with the seniors.

Letters of Acceptance.
Award Letters.
Securing Housing.
Comparing Award Letters.
Letting schools know you are not planning on attending their school.
Checking on Orientation.
Checking on when school starts.
Thinking about what to do this summer, TCC or getting a job.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Thursday, Nov 13th, 2008.
The website handout we looked at is in the document manager.

Seniors and Juniors:
We checked your registration information for your IB exams.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Sunday, Nov 9th, 2008.
Survey Information
Information about UTD
Reminders about things that are due: EE, contract and CAS hours

TAKS, PSAT/PLAN, IB/AP, SAT/ACT, CLEP, THEA/Accuplacer, Entrance exams for professional schools, Exit exams from Professional schools.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Sunday, Oct 26th, 2008.
Both Juniors and Seniors
Shared information about AP testing and Standardized GPA

Seniors--Conference about due dates for EE(Oct. 31st final draft) and CAS hours(90 by Nov. 3rd)

Juniors---Completed form to register for IB Exams. Discussed learning from experiences.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Sunday, Oct 19th, 2008.
Senior- We filled out the information so that I can begin to register students for exams.

Juniors-We discussed getting to know each other and strategies for managing their time.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Monday, Oct 13th, 2008.
Seniors, remember these next two weeks are for you to meet with your mentor and finish your Extended Essay. It is due Oct. 31st(Happy Halloween)

Juniors, do not forget to sign up for a meeting with Mr. Tyree about your CAS hours.

Both groups, look in the document folder for the IB Style Sheet, the Noodle Tools handout and the article, How to get Admissions Officers to say YES.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Sunday, Oct 5th, 2008.
Week #6


Remember to log on to the FAFSA website to secure your pin #, your parent's pin # and to check out the 4caster.

Also your final draft is due this Friday.


Do not forget about your CAS meetings.

Plan on attending the play, Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 6:45pm
Posted by Kim Kamin on Friday, Sep 26th, 2008.
Reminder for all IB students.

Oct. 7th, 6:45pm Drama Preview Performance, Blackbox

Seniors: Keep working on your extended Essay and TOK Essay

Juniors: Sign up for your CAS meeting with Mr. Tyree. The form will be outside the IB office early next week.

Do not forget we will not have school on Wednesday of this week.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Monday, Sep 22nd, 2008.
Seniors: Extended Essay Deadlines
We are getting close to having a completed Extended Essay!
Below are Friday Deadlines for parts of the EE.
September 26 TOK Essay
Oct. 3 Abstract
Oct. 10 Final Draft
From Oct. 14-Oct. 24 Final meeting with mentor
Oct. 28-29-30 EE presentation
Oct. 31 Final Copy
Nov 11 Present TOK

Check on your grades and work to make improvements.
Sign up for the PSAT. $20 sign up in the Counseling Office.
Do not forget to sign up for your CAS meeting.
Posted by Kim Kamin on Sunday, Sep 14th, 2008.
Seniors(Class of 2009)
1. Remember to turn in your Audit forms by Oct. 3rd.
2. You will be called out of class on Tuesday to fill out the TCC Application form. You may not need to take the Accuplacer if you were Commended on the TAKS or have an acceptable score on the SAT/ACT.
3. Consider using Sept. 20th as one of your Senior Saturdays. It will be a chance to work on your resume and applications.
4. Check out Questbridge if you are looking for assistance in applying to the schools they work with.
5. If you need a transcript, they are $3.00 from the Counseling Center. It usually takes 24 hours.
6. If you need a letter of Recommendation, I will need a resume and about a week to take care of this for you.

Juniors(Class of 2010)
1. Remember to turn in your Audit forms by Oct. 3rd.
2. Your T-shirt money was due on Friday, Sept. 12th.
3. Three CAS opportunities were discussed: BBBS, Book Club and FACES. See Dr. Kamin for details.
4. We also discuss GPA's.
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Check out the new organization for the documents in my document manager. Hopefully it will help you find what you are looking for. During Wednesday with Dr. Kamin, we discussed the calendar and upcoming activities.