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Hi. I was just checking out your website to get ideas for mine Smiley. Nice site!
Thanks for a great year!
i cant wait for you to teach me wonderful things in 6th grade. I want to be in schol right now. I can't waiit to see all of my friends and meet my new 6th grade teachers.

hi mrs turney remember me im ameen u taught me in 4th grade now im in 7th ur still awesome
Yes, Ameen I remember you...I hope you enjoy 7th grade!
hi mrs.turney
HI Mrs.Turney. I love what you are teaching us this year thnx for teaching us great things

love Teja WIlliams
P.S. happy halloween
Hi Mrs. Turney! I LOVE the things you are teaching us this year. Thanks and you rock!
Oops...I forgot to put my name on the last one I wrote but you're website is my FAVORITE Mrs. Turney!!!
hey mrs.turney canyou please put the minute to win it pics on your website! Smiley
Dear Mrs. Turney,
You helped me pass fourth grade 3 years ago....and so i have no doubt you wont help me in 6th grade this year. By the way LOVIN the website it looks KEWL!!!
With Love
Hatoon Mahgoub Smiley
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs.Turney!!! Wishing you the best!
thank you for putting that bird viedo on your website is was awesome
hi mrs.turney,i just wanted to say thank you 4 telling me that the vocabulary words were on ur web page.i come here 4 assesments if i dont have them.i think that im doing better than i have been doing,i may not be getting 95's but i am turning in more of my work.

Your Student, Rain <3

You are very welcome.....you have been doing GREAT!
Im so glad i have you again for 6th grade you always know how to put a smile on my face...i love you and wil miss you next year....remeber when i was in 4th grade? so tiny nknow im nearly 5 4' and going to 7th grade~!!! i will miss you bye!!!
Thank you Hatoon.....I know you will do so well in junior high! Have Fun!
thanks for teaching me this year i thought it was going to be hard and boring but it actually wasnt....hope to see ya in the future
Hi Mrs. Turney!!! Thank you soooo much for teaching me this year!!! I learned so much more great things this year! How is your summer so far? I'm having a wonderful time here in China! I've went to Mount. Emei...I have a feeling that it was on our last social studies MAP test review. I also have seen pandas, this breath-taking place in Sichuan named JiuZhaiGou...reasearch pictures of it on Google...it's oh my gosh beautiful, a five-color lake in Huang Long, caught minnows at a park in China, a very fast flowing river, and saw the mississippi River on the plane to New York!!! I'll try to send some pictures. It's just too bad I can't see fireworks on Independence day...but somehow I hear them from time to time! Today was a horrible rainstorm, I saw(more like my cousin) a purple lightning bolt! One part of a road was flooding over 5 in!!! SCARY...we would almost get stuck if we drove through it! But uh... I have a question...how come i never got my class picture in my box? It was soooo great having you as my 6th grade. I will miss you a lot. Have a wonderful summer! I hope the rest of the six graders are also having a great summer so far!
MiaLeAna.....I am so glad you had fun learning this year! Come visit me!
Katie......I am so glad you are having a great time in China, that is one place on my "must go someday" list! I am a little jealous. Please come by and see me and I can find you a class picture. Good luck in junior high..... Smiley
Thank you Mrs.Turney...I will come and visit you sometime!! Nevermind about the class pic though because I actually did have a pic in my box...sorry! I MISS YOU!!!!
Hey Mrs. Turney!!!!!! I miss you soooooooooooooo much, junior high is so different and im still figuring it out! I WANT TO BE IN 6TH GRADE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Danielle P.
Danielle......I have missed your seeing your smiling face as well. Just give JH some more time.....I am sure you will love it!
Thanks! Ugh I hate being a sevie. Well anyways I will probably see you when Kennadee gets in 6th grade or hopefully before then. xoxoxoxoxoxo, Danielle
best teacher ever
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