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its merian i love you you are the best teacher ever.

~~~~~Thank you sweetie....I like you too!
I hope you have a gr8 year with the new 6th graders
love yahh :*

Hey Sweetie....so good to hear from you! I hope you are have a great year in junior high as well!
Mrs. Turney
i am from bulgaria do u know who i am ? hint:my name begins with m Smiley

Hi Merian!
its me meri i love signing your guest booK
[quote="The Unknown"]The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. But the great teacher inspires...

And you, Mrs. Turney, are that one great teacher.IAN

WOW.....thank you so much, Ian!
The sub is nice we miss you miss turney ;( ! I HOPE YOU ARE NOT SICK I'LL PRAY FOR YOU ! TODAY WE TOOK THE READING BENCHMARK ! I THINK I DID GOOd ! Yesterday mr.Finly was very nice . We hope your here tommorow !
Hi Mrs Turney, I hope you're having a great year with your new 6th graders. I miss Hurst Hill''s so much and you,Mrs Lundgren, and Mrs Teopfer,tell them i said hi. Oh, and thank you so much for teaching me all the things i needed for 7th grade,it really helped also i stil use my notebook that we had last year now and then. You're the best science teacher.

Wow.....Thank you Avalyn. I am glad to hear you are doing well in junior high....I always knew you would!
How is hurst hills i miss you so much. I moved to a new school this year.

Valerie...Hurst Hills is doing great. I hope you are having a good year at your new school!
hi mrs turney it is me merian i would like for you to call me meri from now on

Ok...I will try sweetie.
U don't know who I am. I'm in ur 1st Rotation and ur HOMEROOM.

And you are the Rockness teacher............ And the coolest teacher in the whole wide world
it is me zackkkkkkk buy

Hmmmmm....I wonder who?
Mrs. T.
when are geo 101 due

Friday 5/22
Hi Mrs.Turney its me Merian and i miss school and you i hope you are having a good summer i am . I am wanting too give u an update of my summer. Its been preety good it turns out my baby brothers due date is on my 1st day of junior high. well bye

Good to hear from you......have a great year!
Mrs. Turney
Hey Mrs. Turney
how is Hurst hills? I miss y`all so much.

Hurst Hills is wonderful! Have a great year!
You are an awesome teacher and i have only know you for 3 weeks anyway keep it up Smiley Smiley

This has been an awesome year so far with you.And your very organized wich also helps alot.I hope that we have a great school year, and im going to practice on my talking!!!!!!! Smiley Smiley Smiley

Thank you...I have enjoyed having you in class this year!
Hi Mrs. Turney!
I was looking through my old bookmarks, and I found this page haha. I was in your 6th grade class five years ago; I'm now a junior at Allen High School! School is a bit hard with all of the AP classes, but it's still really fun. I really miss your class - how are you?

So good to hear from you! I am glad to hear you are doing well. I still have some of your work that I use as examples to show my students. I am doing great! Good luck next year as a senior.....go for valedictorian!

Mrs. Turney
hey mrs.turney!!!!! Miss you lots! Your a great teacher!\

Thank you Crystal!
Hey Mrs. Turney we are having a good time in 7th grade and we appreciate everything you did for us, love Abbigayle
Hi Mrs. Turney I miss you a lot now I am in 7th grade living a good life and I really miss you , love Merian

Merian & Abbigayle----
It is so good to hear from you. I am glad that 7th grade is going well!

Love, Mrs. Turney
hi the power point dose not work on my computer it says I need office 365 to open it and nice website mrs. turney

Come see me and I can help you...Mrs. Turney
Hey Mrs. Turney its Merian. I am in 8th grade now. And I am in Pre-AP us history. How are you doing? I will see you when my varsity choir goes to perform at Hurst Hills

Hi Merian....so good to her from you. It was great to see you at the Chili Cook Off.. Smiley
Mrs Turney, is there a way I could print out the GWU? Where could I find it. My folder was trashed because we were moving and my dad thought it was old school stuff. I really need it, like NOW. PLEASE.

Check Classroom Documents everything you need is there. If you can't find it please come see me.
Mrs. Turney
Hi Mrs Turney

Hi Mrs.Turney, guess who? Last yr. i was in your homeroom and in your 2nd period rotation. I was very talkative and sometimes i could have a smart mouth (i"m working on that). This year i have a little brother that is in your homeroom and is also in your second period."

Hello AT.......I knew it as soon as you said little brother Smiley I hope junior high is going well! Great to hear from you Smiley
Love, Mrs. Turney
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