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Hey Mrs turney i miss u a lot and the other teachers. I have over a 90 in science and in tx history.

Good job sweeite....I hope you are loving junior high!
I can not find your page for the assignment that we did today the holiday name...

It was a Powerpoint called Religious Holiday Notes....look at My Documents.
Hey I really enjoy you to have you as a teacher

Thank you sweetie!
you may be really really really!!!! strict but ur still really fun!!!!!! ur know how to crack funny jokes but im afraid to laugh
fyi this is a student from your 2013-2014 class second rotaion

Hmmm...wonder who?

Thank you Valerie!
You are the great and funniest teacher I have ever met

Thank you sweet....I have enjoyed having you in class!
Your a great teacher

Thank you sweetie....you are pretty great too!
Hi Mrs.Turney!! I just wanted to say congrats on being the new Teacher of the Year!! Smiley You totally deserve it!! Thank you so much for teaching me everything i know in Science & Social Studies!!! It has taken me so far this year in Junior High!!! You rock and I hope your year so far has gone great!!
Love your former student,
Courtney Bilbo

Thank you Courtney.....I am glad you are doing so well in junior high! Come by and see me sometime Smiley
Mrs. T
Happy Valentines Day

Thank you....I hope you had a gret day!
p.s you rock

Thank you.....
You roll!
U don't know who I am. I'm in ur 1st Rotation and ur HOMEROOM.

And you are the Rockness teacher............ And the coolest teacher in the whole wide world

Hmmmmm....I wonder who?
Mrs. T.
when are we going to go to jr high trip

We are going on April 29th.
congrats on teacher of the year! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thank you sweetie!
Hey how did coming to the Junior highs go???

It was great!
hi mrs.turney i miss being in your class congrats on teacher of the year you deserve tell all of the other teachers i said hello


Hi Jacolby....
Thank you! I will tell Mrs. Lundgren & Mrs. Toepfer "Hi" for you Smiley
Mrs. Turney
You rock Mrs.Turney!!! i miss you so much i need to visit more often.......

Please come by for a visit.... Smiley--Mrs. Turney
I am so sad leaving Hurst Hill.Who I will miss the most is the teacher they push me to do my best everday. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS YEAR!!!!!
hi Mrs turney,I hope that this year for you,and Mrs toepher,and Mrs lundgren will be a great year . I miss all of y'all and please tell Mrs lundgren and Mrs toepher I said hi

Hi Avalyn....I hope you are enjoying your first year of junior high. I will tell them you said hello Smiley
What time is the science fair? Smiley

Hey Mrs.Turney, I hope your enjoying your year
We miss you
7th Grade is tough we only have 5 mins to go to our locker
Can you tell Mrs. Lundgen and Mrs. Toepfer that I miss them,
Miss you all Smiley

Hi sweetie.....good to hear from you. I hope you have a great year!
you rock

Thank you sweetie!
When is vocab due?

I'm not sure yet.....we still have a lot o words to add. I will let you know when the due date gets close, just keep up with the words as we add them.
Hey mrs turney I love learning in your
Class I think you are the best teacher ever
The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. But the great teacher inspires...

And you, Mrs. Turney, are that one great teacher.

WOW.....thank you so much!
Hey Mrs.Turney, how is teaching 6th grade going?

-----I am having a great year sweetie....how are you?
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