North Euless International Family Night (Fall 2015)

On Friday, September 25th, North Euless Elementary celebrated their sixth annual International Family Night. This special evening was hosted by Club We Can and North Euless families representing more than 18 countries from 6 continents. International Family Night attendees had the opportunity to visit each country’s display table where they were greeted by families dressed in traditional clothing who offered samples of authentic cuisine. While visiting each table, North Euless families viewed a map of the country as well as a wide variety of artifacts while families proudly shared their heritage. Students in attendance received an interactive guide for the event that focused on geography awareness skills and provided additional web-based geography activities for further home study. The evening concluded with performances of traditional song and dance from various countries. This year’s event allowed North Euless Elementary to celebrate our incredible diversity and learn more about the fascinating countries represented at our school! 

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Uploaded on November 12, 2015, 3:29 pm