Hunger Games Book Club Party (Fall 2014)

The Hurst JH Library celebrated the season with a “Hunger Games” Book Club party. Our library aides worked hard; cutting out over a hundred Tracker-Jackers and decorating the area with paper mache hives. They posed for and made “Tribute Banners” for the games. Each district was represented by a different food item. For example: we had “Cotton Candy” for District 8- Textiles, Archery Cookies for District 2 – Weaponry and “Black Coal Rice Krispies” for District 12 - Mining. Our games included “Hunger Games Trivia,” “Tribute Survival Race” and “Nerf Archery.” We also had a “Capital Couture” fashion contest. In celebration of the upcoming release of the third movie based on the YA novel “Mockingjay,” we are collaborating with the HJH Art department in sponsoring a “Capitol Couture” fashion drawing design contest. 

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Uploaded on December 11, 2014, 2:10 pm