Sixth Graders At Bell Manor learned all about the Rock Cycle adn even created a model! The Rock Cycle Model consisted of shaved pieces of crayons which represented products called sediments.  The sediments were moved, modeling the erosion process.  Then the sediments were laid down on top of each other, which modeled deposition.  Pressure was then applied creating a product that represented sedimentary rock.  Even greater pressure was applied creating a product that represented metamorphic rock.  Then heat was applied and the melted crayons represented a product of melted rock material called magma.  The melted material cooled and hardened creating a product representing a type of rock called igneous.


Stations were set up around the room indicating a change in the rock cycle.  A die was rolled to determine the path they should take.  At each station, students recorded what was happening as a record for what happened on their journey as a rock.

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