Bell Manor's D.I.V.E. Club has been around for awhile....have you ever wondered what D.I.V.E. stands for?  Dads Influencing Value In Education.  Their goals are to create a positive environment where children are excited to come to school!

The Dads do a little of everything, they've helped in the cafeteria, read books to students, but they are known far and wide for their enthusiastic "High Five Fridays".  They start out the day by having music playing and greeting everyone who walks through the door with a great big HIGH FIVE!  This group starts out the day bringing smiles to both the young and old!

We are lucky to have this dedicated group of Dads at our school, this year they even signed up to formally "adopt" Bell Manor!  Keep your eyes on these Dads - they are making plans for lots of new, fun activities this year!

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Uploaded on September 9, 2011, 1:59 pm