Thoughts for today:
Thoughts from Raffi, a favorite writer and singer of songs for children and young adults:

"It is interesting to compare children who watch a lot of TV to those who are relatively TV-free and whose lives do not center around the tube. Unlike their vid-kid counterparts, TV-free kids I know have a centered energy to them. It feels like there's somebody home in their bodies, rather than the vacant look I see in so many TV junkies.

Not only are TV-free kids more capable of self-directed play, that play doesn't refer to TV but springs instead from their own imaginings. They can actually carry on a conversation using extended sentences and expressing complex thought. They also tend to be avid readers. Far from bored, they are still wonder-filled. Their curiosity is intact."

~~~ from _Raffi: the life of a children's troubadour_ by Raffi.

You might like to look at Raffi's website, especially his "principles of child honouring." How wonderful to learn that "The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC)" presented Raffi with the Fred Rogers Integrity Award. The award is presented annually to public figures who have made an outstanding contribution and commitment to nurturing the health and well-being of children. We congratulate Raffi for his many years of work toward those goals!


Please be an advocate for a strong library media program in H-E-B. Our goal is to achieve our state's exemplary standards for library media programs, however the H-E-B library media program currently does NOT meet even the acceptable level overall, and this must be changed!

Let's work together toward attaining the "acceptable" level, and then we can aim for the "recognized" level, and then perhaps we can even move on to achieve the "exemplary" level! Wouldn't that be a wonderful accomplishment for our district?

Please contact Mrs. Zorn for more information about the Texas school library media program standards, and what you can do to help our district library media centers improve their ranking.

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